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Socon Blog Burst
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Welcome to Socon Blog Burst! The purpose of Socon Blog Burst is increase the exposure of social conservative issues in Canada on the internet and in the mainstream media. We seek to assemble top social conservative bloggers from across Canada and focus their collective attention on a particular hot button issue in order to raise awareness and initiate discussion and debate in the blogosphere and discussion boards. Our ultimate goal is to show the truth and goodness behind social conservatism and the errors and destruction behind social liberalism.

How It Works

The mechanics of Socon Blog Burst is rather simple. To enroll in our community of social conservative bloggers, you need to be a Canadian Citizen, a Social Conservative, and a regular blogger.

Periodically (perhaps once or twice a month), the manager of Socon Blog Burst will determine an issue for the community to collectively blog about. In other words, the manager will set forth a topic or an issue of relevance for the social conservative community and a particular day to blog about it. On that day, all community members are expected to blog about the targeted issue. Depending on the urgency of the issue, the manager will usually allow an 8-12 day period before target date, although it could be shorter if the issue is explosive enough and necessitates social conservative reaction. To keep this venture effective, she will only ask for the Blog Burst to occur once or twice a month so as to not burden our community members too onerously. Bloggers can remain anonymous.

The whole idea is to focus the community on one issue on one particular day (or a series of days, on rare occasions). We believe this is effective as it increases the breadth and depth of coverage across the internet, and it also increases discussion among bloggers (both our allies and opponents) who are not part of the community. It will also likely lead to more mainstream media coverage than otherwise would be expected. All this, of course, leads to social conservative opinion beginning to influence and change our current culture…

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