Blog Burst Off the Counter!

This whole blog burst idea is really pretty spectacular. I got over 400 hits yesterday which is 10 times the normal traffic for my recently started blog. That might be small potatoes for some of you but not for me 🙂

Anyhow, Suzanne and I thought it would be a great idea to keep the momentumgoing with this Blog Burst idea to increase the membership and get the word and arguments out on the Blogosphere for our causes. That’s why we need a central page where Socon Bloggers can register with the Blog Burst and not simply remain outside on the fringes. We need some kind of loose organization to direct traffic.

Some of you have already signed up, but I hope that many more will join us byregistering.Here is the page which details the parameters of this thing. Suggestions arewelcome as we try to harness this wonderful avenue:

If you are not registered or you know of Socon Bloggers who would be interested, please let them know! We’re hauling some major butt here guys.

We gotta keep the train going!

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