Blog Burst – Busting into the MSM

Hey, speaking of media bias. Here’s something conservative bloggers can sign up to.

I’ve had my stuff posted on Reuters through another blogger so I thought I might sign up SoCon or Bust. Do the same today!


Hello John,

We are pleased to extend you an invitation to the BlogBurst Network.
As you know, BlogBurst is a news service bringing quality blogs onto
highly-trafficked, high-brand mainstream publisher sites like the
Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle,, and
We are very excited about including your blog in our service, and
look forward to working with you.

To join the network, follow this link:

Email address: XXXXXXXXXXXXX


You may change both of these at any time by logging into the website.

Thanks for helping us show off your blog!

Best Regards,

The BlogBurstTeam

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