Blessed John Paul II Put The Boot To De Roo!

Well, it looks like it’s a waterfall of dissent lately- one last kick at the can before the dissenters check out.  First it was the Den of Dissent conference here in Ottawa back in September, then it was Fr. Rosica’s resurrection of the dead of noted dissenter Gregory Baum, and now, drum roll please, + Remi De Roo (Winnipeg Statement architect) has offered his recollection of his encounter with Blessed John Paul II on married and female priests.  And boy’s it a doozie.  Check it out: 

We were enjoying an open discussion of all sorts of topics. I was determined that one of them would be the ordination of mature married men. I was sitting next to the Pope, at his right hand. He attacked his food with gusto, pausing occasionally to hold his fork and knife upright in his hands. At one point, I suggested that we might consider the pastoral problems caused by the shortage of priests, particularly in remote areas like the ones represented by most of the bishops who were present at that luncheon.

He ignored my request by glancing to his left. The exchanges moved along; I waited for a second opportunity for a lull in the conversation. This time, speaking in French to make sure he would grasp every word, I carefully but directly faced him with the issue of our people being deprived of the Eucharist. Should we not call to ordination mature married men who could provide the spiritual nourishment that was so sorely lacking in areas deprived of clergy? He turned and glared at me, then banged deliberately on the table with his fist holding the knife handle. In a loud and emphatic tone of voice he declared, “Deus providebit!” (God will provide!). That was, sadly, the end of the exchange.

Poor Blessed John Paul II. Such violence! Such rage! Such UnChristian behavior!

According to LifeSite’s report….

Bishop De Roo’s memoirs include a foreword by Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte, who retired as head of the Archdiocese of Montreal in March after twenty-two years.

In his essay Tragedy at Winnipeg, Msgr. Vincent Foy relates that as the bishops prepared the disastrous Winnipeg Statement at the Fort Gary Hotel in September of 1968, it was Bishop De Roo above all who held out for the “right of freedom to follow conscience” in the contraceptive act, in contradiction to the pope’s reiteration of Catholic teaching that the act was intrinsically evil.

The Winnipeg Statement was the Canadian Catholic bishops’ official response to the publication Humanae Vitae.

He retired as Bishop of Victoria in 1999 after 37 years, but met disgrace a year later after it was revealed he had nearly bankrupted the diocese over a failed investment in Arabian horses.

It’s the same actors again and again and again.  + De Roo, Baum, Rosica, Gaillardetz vs. Msgr. Foy, Pope Benedict XVI, Blessed John Paul II, LifeSite News, Voris. It just keeps going round and round and round.  Do we see a pattern here?  Yep. 

It’s the Spirit of Vatican II vs. The Texts of Vatican II.  

I sense a certain climax coming, a resolution of sorts is going to play out in the next several years, and by my count, it’s not looking good for the Spirit of Vatican II.  The biological solution is coming more and more into play.  We’ll win by default as our opponents just don’t show up to offer any rebuttal because they’re six feet under.  They’re losing their grip.

Oh and by the way….I sense another formal request coming that the Winnipeg Statement be retracted.  You’ll notice that Cardinal Turcotte is a good friend of + De Roo, which explains why there has not been movement in the Canadian Church to get that God-damned Statement retracted.  But the ice is starting to thaw. 

Sooner or later, the bishops have to play ball on the Winnipeg Statement and when we’re successful in getting it retracted, there’s gonna be one helluva bash at the Pacheco’s place with free booze and bongos for the entire Church!

But, on a more sombre note, check out the very tragic account  of +De Roo’s legacy below from the LifeSite story.   It kind of makes Fr. Rosica’s complaints about “angry” and “slanderous” Catholics a complete mockery when you read the real life legacy of the Spirit of Vatican II:  

Here’s a fun little Remi story from my old home town. The Sisters of St. Anne used to run most of the Catholic institutions, hospitals, schools, etc. on the West Coast and ran the hospital I was born in, across the street from their motherhouse in Victoria. At that time, the spring of 1966, they were still in their full, un-altered habit, but my mother told me once they were regulars at the public library where she worked asking for the books that were forbidden in the convent library. Mostly by people like Teilhard de Chardin. By the time I attended their elementary school ten years later, they were out of the habits entirely, and there were only two left teaching in the school. No idea what all the rest of them were up to, but a lot of them left the religious life in that period. For three years at that school, I never remember ever having a religion class, which, given the state of those sisters was probably a blessing. By that time, Ol Bishop Remi was regularly giving the good sisters “workshops” on the Enneagram and various other esoteric and New Age monstrosities. When I was in my thirties, I rode my bike one sunny day out to what had once been their new novitiate on Arbutus road. It was, of course, a novitiate no longer, since the Sisters of St. Anne had long ago ceased to attract new vocations, but was now called a “women’s spirituality centre”. I went because someone had told me they had an excellent library that was open to the public on certain days, and indeed, the library was well stocked with real theology and spirituality books that had obviously not been taken off the shelf for 30 years. Also prominent in the library was a bulletin board with notices for the various “programmes” available for women’s retreats, some led by the sisters and some by Bishop Remi himself. They read like an activity list for a witchcraft and New Age centre, and included at least one class on “tantric sex” which we can only hope was strictly theoretical. One that stands out in my memory was the four-weekend course on introductory witchcraft, offered by a local guru of that movement. My mother had trustingly applied to the local parish in the early 70s to start instructions to be received into the Church, and it was run by these sisters. She went to her grave in exactly the same state of confusion they put her in, sad and disappointed but without ever understanding that she had been lied to by these feminist, New Age loons. I know that we are obliged to pray for those who persecute us, but with this man, I’m afraid I find that task more difficult than for others. He destroyed my mother, and the faith of who knows how many thousands of others. I was almost indoctrinated too, and it was only a breath of the Holy Spirit one day, when I was 17, that made me start to question the evil anti-Catholic doctrines that had been fed to me by this bishop and his minions. And it took me over 20 years to expunge the lies I was fed. I pray that God’s will be done on him, which is as close to praying for him as I can get.  – Hilary White

2 thoughts on “Blessed John Paul II Put The Boot To De Roo!

  1. As we find out now there is hope for even Winnepeg I just read the post from Nov 11 about the first Latin Mass celebrated there in DECADES by (get this) Jesuit Priest who were very young. and they had a Corpus Christi procession as well. Yes friends the frozen People of God are finally thawing out after almost 5 decades of confusion dissent and disobedience. If this can happen in Winnepeg that there is hope for the Church there as well as the future generation of Jesuits.

  2. Is it Christian-like to dwell on the shortcomings of others?……could it be interpreted that the lady in confusion had a short-coming, not of anyone else’s making?…….unfortunately, the human conditon plus latent original sin makes none of us perfect…. Is being overly critical a way of hiding our own shortcomings? Actually it says volumes about the individual expressing or dwelling on other’s shortcomings? What would Jesus do?

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