Blame it on Rio: Canadian Church’s Official Aid Agency Supporting Radical Environmental, Anti-Family, Anti-Freedom Program

Socon or Bust readers may recall in December 2011 our exposé on the Canadian Bishops’ “solidarity mission” to Haiti.  The trip was supposed to show Canadian Catholics what great work Development & Peace was doing and, at the same time, allay the fears of the Faithful that things weren’t all that bad and the bishops had everything under control.   But things were indeed all that bad and even worse during their trip to Haiti, as they were led around the island by pro-abortion feminists.   LifeSite News  picked up on the story and did their own investigation which was even more damning than what we had originally reported on, as hard as that is to believe – although, admittedly, in today’s Canadian Church virtually any alleged scandal is believable.  Everything is on the table these days and nothing can be summarily dismissed.

We asked, how much longer, papa Smurf? And the answer was more burying of the head in the sand

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

There are currently 53 groups that Development & Peace has supported which can be described as pro-abortion or anti-family, if not openly anti-Catholic.  At the time of this writing, Development & Peace has still not released the names of their new partners in the Global South as part of their new funding program for the next five years, after having had their funding drastically cut by the Federal Government.  Providence has a way of answering prayers through the State, even when His Church fails to act, and is complicit in massive negligence and betrayal.

I think we can all see the trajectory here.  More window-dressing, more smoke and mirrors, and more shuffling the deck, but no substantive and real change.  Just “walking with Jesus” drivel.   The three D’s have been introduced but no conversion of heart to what the Catholic Faith teaches about the inviolability of human life and the pastoral witness to it.

Now, in response to the outcry against the massive and (really) near-unforgiveable betrayals against the Gospel of Life, the Bishops and the management of Development & Peace set up more committees and discussions….


2012_Montreal_Meeting“The CCCB Standing Committee on the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP) met with the Liaison Committee of the CCODP National Council on May 31, 2012, at the offices of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) in Ottawa, and previously on 1 February at the Development and Peace offices in Montreal. Each of the joint meetings was preceded by separate meetings of the Liaison Committee and of the Standing Committee. Following their separate discussions, the two committees met together. Both the 31 May and 1 February joint meetings considered a practical process to follow-up on an earlier CCODP invitation that the CCCB offer suggestions on various draft documents being prepared by Development and Peace….” (Source)

With all of these committees and meetings and press releases and more meetings and draft documents and more discussions and liasoning, you’d think that, boy oh boy, look out!, something’s gonna move in the right direction.  But the reality is that nothing is changing. In fact, it’s basically business as usual, as the report below will more than amply demonstrate.  In fact, in some fundamental respects, as incredible as it is, the report below represents the worst of the abuses thus far, and there is no indication that it has come under the scrutiny of these useless Committees or the Bishops who run them.

No doubt, there are still Koolaid Katholics out there and they don’t want to cut back on their Koolaid. They want to desperately believe that things are really changing! Yes, really, really, Dorothy. Just click those ruby red slippers and all will be well. Oz will be but a dream and you’ll be back home with Auntie ‘Em.  Things will be put right.

Last week, Development & Peace sent a delegation to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to attend Rio+20, the eco-worship, sustainable development gathering which happens every few years among the world’s population controllers.   Now normally these insidious conferences with their real and present dangers to the family and to the religious freedom of the Catholic Church would be cause for alarm and we would be sounding alarm bells around the Church, but today those of us ringing those bells on issues of life and family are just burnt out. We have to pass on sounding the Gaia worship warnings so we can save our energy for ringing the bells on abortion and the oppression by the homosexualists.  The “scandal market” in the Catholic Church is full-up these days and there’s only so much scandal we can put in front our bishops’ faces and hope for some kind of reaction.  “Get in line and wait your turn“, as the saying goes.  A small hit of heroine is well below crack cocaine, man, so the tree huggers in the Church get a pass.

We can be sure that Development & Peace was not at Rio to proclaim what the Church proclaimed on human lifeThey were there to support the eco-cabal’s view on the economy and predictably, they took no official position on abortion…and they still don’t.  It’s the bishops’ job to do so, not theirs, don’t forget.

But, hey, at least Green Jesus (just to the left here) has now been co-opted to the new eco-faith.   The socialist and economic and environmental marxists have undergone a make-over of sorts.  They’ve ditched Che and the colour Red to peddle their toxic ideology.  Now it’s Green and Jesus.

As readers of this blog have now long known, Development & Peace is really into the eco-awareness thing.  There was always something more than just their stupid anti-water bottle campaigns.  And now we have the proof to back up our suspicions.

Under Development & Peace’s Rio+20 Earth Summit page, there is a section called “Supporting Documents”.  The second link down in this section is called “The Changes we Need for the Future we Want“.  If you click on the link, you will be taken to the website of the “Coopération Internationale pour le Développement et la Solidarité” [International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity] (CIDSE).  Visiting this group’s website, you don’t have to click around too much to know what they’re about.  It’s basically the Church’s social justice cabal on an international level, of which Development & Peace is a member.   If you’re wondering who pays the salaries of these eco activists, need I remind you that we are paying for it.  Perhaps through Development &  Peace, perhaps through our donations towards the “Needs of the Canadian Church”.  Whatever the mechanism, we’re paying for the Eco-March for Jesus.

Now, in regards to the link referred to above (clicking on the English version of the PDF document),  Development & Peace is a signatory to “The Changes we Need for the Future we Want” document.  On page 4 of this document, there is a section entitled, “Equal access for women and men” which states: 

The outcome of Rio+20 should promote gender justice and be in line with the content of Agenda 21, the Beijing declaration and the Convention of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

Now, let us put aside CEDAW for which Catholic support would be very problematic to say the least.  But what about this “Agenda 21”?  Sounds pretty ominous, doesn’t it? It’s certainly something that should have the hip blogger smelling a population-controller rat.  And yes, it’s about that and much, much more.

It’s essentially about a one world, centrally managed government, stripping countries’ sovereignty under the guise of “sustainable development”.

Agenda 21 is not merely environmental management policy which attacks the family.  Indeed it does do that but it goes much further.  It’s a bald-faced attempt to impose a universal, communist government administered by the United Nations. It subjects the sovereignty of  States and puts them under the central world government where local authorities are subservient to the dictates of the eco-star chamber.  

“Agenda 21 proposes an array of actions which are intended to be implemented by every person on Earth…it calls for specific changes in the activities of all people… Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound re-orientation of all humans, unlike anything the world has ever experienced… ” – Agenda 21: The Earth Summit Strategy to Save Our Planet (Earthpress, 1993).  – Source

With the recent attacks on religious liberty and freedom of association by Obama, you would think the Catholic Church would be very wary about signing on to anything even resembling a one-world government which seeks to strip the sovereignty of States, the liberties of religious bodies, and eventually individual human rights at the service of an Eco-Marxist Global Super State. For some inexplicable reason, however, the Canadian Bishops are still (even after three years of Development & Peace betrayals and lies) completely clueless as to what exactly is being done in their name and with our money.

The “20” in the recent Rio+20 conference refers to Agenda 21’s twentieth anniversary.  Agenda 21 was first introducted 20 years ago at the United Nations Conference on Environment & Development Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992. 

You can read the alarming document in its entirety here

Not only is this document about stripping away our liberties and freedoms at the service of a pagan earth worship, it is also about contraception and population control:

While President Barack Obama and Kathleen Sebelius claim contraceptives can lower health care costs, influential environmentalist activists say birth control may save the world from the scourge of global warming. At a think tank conference last week, activists promoted Agenda 21 and United Nations climate change meetings, claiming that promotion of lower fertility rates “trumps almost anything else” and that the average 14-year-old girl “needs to know how to have” sex “for her pleasure.”  (Source: LifeSite News)

Indeed, Agenda 21’s propagandists are all about “reproductive health”:

Daniel Schensul, a technical specialist with the United Nations Population Fund, said, “Agenda 21 has an elaborate understanding of reproductive health and how it contributes to [destroying the] environment.” His presentation notes state, “Agenda 21 covered” reproductive health “in depth.” He hoped the ties between population growth and global warming will be discussed at the upcoming United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, being held in Rio de Janerio on June 20-22. As the summit will take place on the 20th anniversary of an earlier UN climate change summit in Rio, it is referred to as “Rio+20.” (Ibid.)

Here is part of Mr. Schensul’s slide show dealing with “reproductive health”:


Agenda 21 specifically called for programs to establish “reproductive health care” services: 

e. Programmes to establish and strengthen preventive and curative health facilities, which include women-centred, women-managed, safe and effective reproductive health care and affordable, accessible, responsible planning of family size and services, as appropriate, in keeping with freedom, dignity and personally held values (S.24.3 e)

g. To implement, as a matter of urgency, in accordance with country-specific conditions, measures to ensure that women and men have the same right to decide freely and responsibly the number and spacing of their children and have access to information, education and means, as appropriate, to enable them to exercise this right in keeping with their freedom, dignity and personally held values (S.24.2 g)

(Source: Agenda 21)

In the past, Development & Peace was proven to be funding groups which were signatories to contraceptive and pro-abortion declarations.  From a Catholic perspective, this was totally unacceptable and a disgrace to the Canadian Church.  With Agenda 21, the scandal is widened and compounded further because Development & Peace ITSELF is a signatory to a document which endorses Agenda 21 – a document which not only attacks the sanctity of the family through its contraceptive-laden euphemism of “reproductive health”, but also a document which seeks to destroy individual freedom and ultimately religious liberty as well.

Socon or Bust once again calls on the Bishops of Canada to repent of their endless betrayal of the Family, and to turn away from pernicious and wicked agendas which ultimately end up destroying the Church’s freedom to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Development & Peace now represents the 54th group caught in supporting anti-life agendas which have been sponsored by Canadian Catholic donations.  The notable lacuna here, of course, is that this lucky number is not a mere group that the bishops’ official development and aid agency is supporting, it’s Development & Peace itself!

Tell the CCCB to get the hell out (quite literally) of Development & Peace.

Contact information:

François Poitras
Senior Advisor for Social Justice, CCCB
2500 Don Reid Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1H 2J2
Telephone: (613) 241-9461 ext. 218
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