Bishops Rally In Support of D&P

Well, the Leviathan dies hard.  Check out this puff piece by Michael Swan.

The article is hardly surprising, but the comments are notable.

I have no doubt that the average Catholic in the pew will give more to D&P this Lent, simply because the bishops told them to do so.

The Good News is that Catholics generally don’t give much money at Mass. I know.  I’m an usher. I see what people put in the basket.

Let’s pray and hope that, in this case, Catholics stay tight with their money.

The reality for us who have been waging this campaign against Development & Peace is that there will not be a quick fix here.  It will only come when these rebellious bishops are replaced with obedient ones.

Here’s an observation I’d like to share with my readers…

Ask yourselves honestly:  Are the Canadian bishops really into authentic social justice?  Why is it, for instance, that they think they know better than the local bishop as to how these funds should be expended?  Why don’t they simply give money to the local bishops in the Global South and let those bishops disburse the money as they see fit?  Why do they necessarily believe that the pro-abort groups they now fund know better on how to spend Catholic money than our own spiritual fathers in the Church? 

This isn’t about social justice or poverty relief. It’s about ego and image and reputation. 

Look at us!  We got a big budget and we’re doing social justice in the Global South!  Never mind that the local bishop doesn’t even know what’s going on in his back yard.  Never mind that the local bishop is THE authority in his diocese of how Catholic monies should be spent.  Never mind that there are so many areas of relief in his diocese that could use the money.  What’s important here is control and political change, social justice revolution, and eco-justice.

None of these Canadian bishops would tolerate this “Catholic” activity in their own backyard, without their knowledge or approval.  The Canadian bishops are endorsing a kind of pseudo-Catholic imperialism and paternalism against the Church in the Global South. 

“There, there, we know better.” 

For all of their hubris about social justice, the very mechanism they use to pursue it is immoral and unbefitting any Catholic, let alone a bishop who should have respect for another bishop’s jurisdiction.

If I were a bishop in the Global South, and I learned that the Canadian Bishops were funding pro-abort groups in my diocese, I’d be upbraiding them and complaining about these Episcopal encroachments to the Nuncio, to the CCCB, and to Rome.

Who do the Canadian bishops think they are?  I’ll tell you straight up who they are:  they’re “Super Bishops with Super Bucks” who refuse to truly share their wealth and their decisions with the Church in the Global South.

For all their talk of “caring and sharing”, it only counts if they’re the one’s directing the care and the share, even if it means bypassing legitimate authority that is not their own.  Big surprise there, eh?  Remember something called Humanae Vitae and the Winnipeg Statement?

They just can’t let it go. Pride doth goeth before the Fall.

A rebellious and disobedient house will not endure forever.  But it is sad, just the same, that the Catholic bishops of the past 40+ years wish to be remembered as such a rebellious and arrogant group of men – because that’s how future generations will judge their sordid conduct in this sordid affair. That’s how my children will remember them, at any rate.

2 thoughts on “Bishops Rally In Support of D&P

  1. Thankfully there was no encouragement to give to D&P at my parish. At least not on Thursday evening, or this afternoon.

    I give when the basket comes around, but if its specifically for D&P then I’ll let it pass right by.

  2. We’re free to give to the charities of our choice. Maybe it’s time we quit complaining about the shortcomings of D&P and talked with our wallets. Nothing stopping us from giving directly to Bishops in the Global South. Is there?

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