Bishops of Straw

My dear brother bishops, it’s crucial for those of us who are bishops not simply to look like bishops but to truly be  bishops.  Otherwise, we’re just empty husks — the kind of men St  Augustine referred to when he said, “You say, ‘He must be a bishop for  he sits upon the cathedra.’  True – and a scarecrow might be called a watchman in the vineyard.” …

How long have the Faithful waited for this? And…at long last…we have a bishop who’s finally calling out the glad-handlers in our Church who think that everything’s just swell.

Well, it’s not. And frankly, it’s largely their fault.  It’s about time they start to grow up and start acting like men instead of the fufters we’ve had to endure these past 40 years.

One thought on “Bishops of Straw

  1. There may be a few exceptions but, Saint Paul would not keep many of these kind around. Look at what they are accepting to be taught in schools to children by adults. They live in a democracy where they ought to have a moral influence politically, but not a peep out of them to their sheep about changing evil legislation through political involvement, where our laws are made by Bills passed by politicians.

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