Bishop’s bold statement halts ‘blasphemous’ rosary for gay ‘marriage’ inside cathedral

Well, as I have been saying for the past several years now, the Catholic Church is going to be moving into the underground.  Does anyone really believe that the Gay storm troopers are going to let faithful Catholic priests and bishops operate in public?    This little showdown was won by the Church, but this is just the beginning and the future battles will not be so easily won.  Now you know why the homosexualist movement wanted to soften up the cops with their “diversity” and “hate” education symposiums.  Because when the Gay Stormtroopers bust down the Church during Holy Mass, the cops won’t do anything about it. Rest of story here.

Get ready, the fun has just begun.

And you can thank those generation of Catholics – bishops, priests, and flock – who refused to preach and follow Humanae Vitae.  Their sin is going to cost us everything — at least those of us willing to stay Faithful to Jesus.


All the more reason why we need IgniteTV here in Canada.  It’s gonna be a wild ride, folks. Get ready.

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