Bishops Begging for A Bailout Too

The Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Quebec has made public a November letter to a parliamentary commission considering revisions to a law providing funds to historically significant buildings.

“It would be appropriate to create an operating fund for churches of heritage value, whether [formally] classified [as heritage churches] or not,” the bishops said in their letter. ”The Church is rich in heritage, but not in monetary capital. It does not benefit from fixed revenues and has no taxing power. Most of the time, the burden imposed upon it by the maintenance of its buildings exceeds its financial capacities.”

“Moreover, it appears that the religious buildings in Quebec are not the exclusive property of those who frequent worship,” they added. “In effect, as a family heirloom, historical properties of churches benefit all of society, even if only as a testimony to the values that have arisen.” (Source)

Good lord.  The Church is now a museum piece, a “family heirloom”, a destination for annoying tourists.

Ya think one of our Shepherds would realize that there is something really wrong with this picture?

The Church in Quebec, like in Canada, like in most of the western world is bankrupt, just like the culture all around it.

And now, we can’t even maintain the great sacrifices of previous generations in building our magnificent churches. 

Instead of reaching for the Gospel, we’re reaching for the Government….and the Gaudy tourist.

Where’s my whip when I need it? 

3 thoughts on “Bishops Begging for A Bailout Too

  1. I like old churches and historical buildings.

    But Jesus said if our hand causes us to sin: cut if off.

    I say if attachment to churches of wood and stone make us less Catholic, burn them down! (I don’t mean that literally.)

    Why are we so concerned about a pile of stone (beautiful as it is) when souls are far more important.

    If the Church has to have Mass in a tent, so be it. Far better to have Mass in a leaky old tent with committed souls than in a beautiful where 90% of the congregation is asleep.

  2. The Communist Governments run The Chinese Buildings called The Catholic Church, but the real Catholics are underground and hunted.

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