3 thoughts on “Bishop Slattery Brings Out the Big Guns Against Satanic Mass in Oklahoma City

  1. JMJ

    God bless you, John. And thank you for this–we have forwarded the information far and wide.

    I can´t help but point out the difference between Coakley´s and Slattery´s efforts to stop this sacrilege.


  2. Dec 4, 2010 – Gathering points: 1. Listen to Fr. Machado as an example of his powerful, talented exorcism prayers; 2. Two days at St. Patrick’s in Ottawa, plus …
    Camelot Warfare Library » Deliverance – Saint Michael’s Call
    The follow prayer recited by Father Clement Machado is the Prayer of Exorcism written by Pope Leo XIII. This prayer may not be recited by laity as written.
    You visited this page on 08/07/14.
    Fr. Clement Machado – Loving Saint Joseph – Blogger
    Jan 31, 2013 – Fr. Clement Machado: Turn to Saint Joseph, Great Protector of Family Life. “Dear friends, the day we have forgotten St. Joseph is the day where …
    THE APOSTASY – Part 4: Its Defeat… – View Featured Writing
    Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, but before he assumed power, Fr. Clement Machado, S.O.L.T., a well-known and experienced …
    Father Machado said although lay people may not recite the prayer of exorcism (I have it on tape). It is STILL efficacious when played as he recites it,,,not to mention he was the formal exorcist in Rome some years ago, and a great
    proponent of Spiritual warfare.

    Thank You Lord for Priests such as this.
    Too bad he is no loinger coming to St. Patrick’s Basilica for two-day retreats as he once did

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