Bishop Sheen Gala

Remember, folks, it’s going to be live-streamed.

Socon or Bust is flying to the great metropolis of Kitchener tomorrow to be at this great event!

Will be taking my laptop with me to the dinner. Might do some live blogging too.  It would be a travesty if it didn’t get blogged!

2 thoughts on “Bishop Sheen Gala

  1. Me too.

    But since I was unable to go, because my hubby says no, we could not afford two tickets, lodging for overnight, and the gas and do not know if our old car is good for it without a tune up, firsthand, but what I can do is donate a ticket or the price of it as a donation for someone who can attend.

    I’d love to go and would have if I knew someone who was driving down, and had some place to stay for the night.
    Unfortunately, I don’t and don’t. So as I said I can still do the other, and pray that everyone has a great time and I know they will, how could they not, they will be inundated with Truth,
    and that the gala and auction for the Church Militant is a roaring success

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