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Here we go! From the thriving Metropolis of Kitchener, Ontario…..

1:00PM – Got in from Ottawa just now.  I fly about 3-4 times a year on business. But I never flew Bearskin Airlines before.  Now I know why they call it “Bearskin”.  I think they should have called it “Bare bones”.  No skin off my back. I actually find it rather refreshing.   And you can’t beat the price.  Any lower and they would have been paying me.  🙂  There were about 12 people on the flight.  Cool! 

Forgot to mention that I met Michael Voris and his camera guy (forgot his name…I’m terrible with names) in the lobby. Had a quick chat before scadadiling upstairs to my room.

3:27PM – Got some lunch at a Pizza joint after catching up on some work.  With technology today, you can never really take a vacation day.  🙁

 3:31PM – Hey Michael, are you out there?  Fr. X?  Vox?  Anyone? Anyone?  I’m in this hotel room all by myself trying to find a life!  No life. Therefore must blog! 

 4:12PM  – Vox has left Toronto.  He’s on his way!  Me…I’m about to have a nice, long, hot shower and get myself pumped for tonight.

6:06PM – OK. I’m at the Hall. It’s a pretty shwanky place.  Check out some of my pics:

Classsy….like a wedding. 

On Stage…getting ready for the Auction…

One of the Silent Auction Items.  Pretty apropos.

Venerable Fulton Sheen. Larger Than Life:

My table…

Blogging Equipment for Socon or Bust readers…I hope you all appreciate this! 🙂

Michael Voris with a young fan.

Time to go about and mingle…will check in later…

7:00PM –  Just had an interesting conversation with a real mover and shaker here in Canada.  I can sense something really great coming out of tonight.  Lots of hope and power. It’s the power of the Holy Spirit.  Good things are going to happen in Canada.  One of the Apostles once asked where Jesus was from. When he was told “Nazareth”. He responded, “Can anything good come from there?”  Same gig here.  Canada: the land of the barren and the dead babies….God’s got our number and He’s going to do something great. You watch!

8:20PM – OK. Everyone, we’re rolling!  I had a fabulous dinner with Cynthia Bredfeltd, her daughter, boyfriend, and a few lovely Catholic ladies.   We really had rip-rolling great conversations!  So the number is 1-855-745-2688.  Make your pledge now!  Let’s start seeing those Socon or Bust donations start rolling in!  Goal is a $100K. Chump change, man!  We can do it!  Damian Goddard is preaching now.  We’re Catholic!  We’re family! We’re triumphant!

8:35PM – Pic from earlier in the evening…Michael, Al Smith, and some Sisters…..

Here’s a beautiful portrait of an unborn child being carried by a dove with angels on either side….Socon or Bust has put the opening bid.  I hope you all will bid on the wonderful items…

 Have to sign off.  I guess there’s not enough bandwidth in the vicinity.  Remember everyone we need your help!

Socon or Bust out…

Apr.6, 9:25AM – Well, it was a pretty glorious night last night. I hear that the streaming did not go all that well.  The problem was partly the location of the Hall, partly because it was not hard wired, and partly because of Socon or Bust!  Apparently, I was stealing to many waves from the Rogers tower.  But I quickly got off the blog after I was fingered as the culprit.  I had a great time last night.  I was surprised again at how many people knew of Socon or Bust.  Shout out to Vox Cantoris. We had a mini blognic and exchanged some information that would make your headspin.  We’re one screwed-up church that needs major house cleaning. 

Some more pics…

Camera Guy…

The new technology that’s going to revolutionize news and view in Canada.  More on this in the future….

Some guy that I’ve never heard of….


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