Bishop Schneider Says: Communion in the Hand is a Great Wound in the Church

 “Today’s manner of receiving Communion spread throughout the world is a great wound.”

Make this man the Pope.

Check this out from the same article…very inspiring…and someone who really gets the whole “bureacratization” of the Church.  He should be invited to give the key-note address at the CCCB’s Plenary Assembly.  Fat chance of that happening under the current regime, however….

After the completion of construction there was no Bishop far and wide who could have blessed the church. Actually the parish priest — he was called Pater Alexander Chira by everyone — promised the faithful that God would send a Bishop. On the day of the blessing he appeared himself with a mitre and shepherd’s staff in the church. He was a secret Bishop. According to a woman who witnessed the event, there were even more tears flowing than holy water.  The church blessing is an example for Msgr Schneider “of true reform of the Church without a lot of commissions and discussions.”

When bishops were real men, they didn’t need consensus or committees.  They just said, “this is the way we’re going to do it”, and that was that.  Like or lump it.  And you know what? If they ruffled other bishops’ feathers, they didn’t get too upset about it.  Oh well. Tough. They weren’t into the whole cumbaya – let’s-all-agree-on-the-lowest-common-denominator-approach – way of interacting with one another, subjugating their own authority to the National Borg.

I don’t even have to guess what opinion Bishop Schneider’ has of National Bishops’ Conferences and their Committees.  I think we all know.  And God Bless him for it.

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