Bishop Says I’m Advocating Something “Stupid”

In response to my posting (and email) here about directing funds to legitimate Catholic charities and LifeSiteNews, I received this email from one of our bishops…

Dear John

I think that it’s time you removed my name from your mailing list – what you are advocating is simply stupid! Why should irresponsible journalism be rewarded?

Peace, Bishop “X”

Here is my response to him: 

Your Grace,

I will remove you from the list.

However, it would serve you well to look at the evidence yourself, instead of taking D&P’s word for it, or LifeSite’s, or my own. It’s all there on the internet for the world to see. Every jot and tittle that has been written is absolutely true.  Everything from the support for abortions in Mexico and Brazil to the condom distribution centres in Togo.

Here it is again:

In fact, there are more scandalous revelations to be known, far worse than what has been  reported on thusfar, if that is possible. I will be sitting down with two witnesses to gather their testimony myself. I am not sure if you are interested to know what they are,  or if you prefer to remain in the dark. Or perhaps, the truth has now become part of more “irresponsible journalism” that you can so easily dismiss.

The more you ignore the truth of what is going on here, the more harm and destruction you do to your own credibility. People of faith will not support organizations that fund groups promoting and advancing abortion and other anti-family agendas.  If you continue to support D&P’s current orientation, you should not be surprised that people will start to question either your pastoral competence or your fidelity to the Gospel itself. It’s really that simple.

D&P is really not the source of the problem, your Grace. This is not an isolated scandal in the midst of a healthy Church. No. This is symptomatic of a very sick Church, headed by very confused and obstinate bishops who refuse to repent of their tolerance of proportionalistic errors – errors which have come into full view over the last several weeks, highlighted by the D&P scandal and the scandal at St. Joseph’s hospital whose story, by the way, has not yet even been told in full. If you listen closely to the rationalizations of those who seek to defend these scandals, they are all rooted in proportionalistic philosophy which has been solemnly condemned by our great Pope and Pastor, John Paul II, in his monumental encyclical, “Veritatis Splendor“. I suggest that you read it again, and ask yourself honestly if this is not the problem today in our Church.

Make no mistake, your Grace. This has been a difficult time for me. For seven years, I taught Catholic apologetics and instructed people to always remain faithful to the bishops and lawful authority. This is the Catholic way. I will continue to do so and point to the truth and nobility of the Catholic faith in its fullness.  But what I will not do is counsel Catholics to blindly give money to organizations who are funding the world-wide abortion holocaust. It matters not to me if D&P has the support of the bishops or not.

It doesn’t have the support of the unborn and that’s what counts.

And if I have to rebuke you – I do so as a concerned Son to a Father – who recognizes your authority and prays for you that you may clearly see the great harm that you are doing to your office, to our Church, and to the unborn.

The bishops of Canada need to repent.  In truth and without prejudice, your Grace, it should be paid with sackcloth, ashes, and bare-feet, but we only ask for a simple acknowledgement that grave mistakes were made in the past and that we are now changing course.

If I ask too much of you, do not be deceived into thinking the sacrifice to put things right again becomes less as time goes on.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

John Pacheco

D&P Abortion Scandal Index Page

15 thoughts on “Bishop Says I’m Advocating Something “Stupid”

  1. It is painful but necessary to force this and similar issues into the public eye rather than papering the cracks and pretending all in the garden is beautiful.

    Let’s stick to the high ground here, avoiding ad hominem attacks or unsubstantiated judgments such as “stupid”. Let the facts speak for themselves.

    And let’s keep up the pressure. Good work John and LSN.

  2. Dave, you said something that struck me: “Let the facts speak for themselves”.

    If everyone in this fiasco let that happen, there would be no issue. Sadly, however, we are not dealing with people who want to talk about the facts.

    It was a great struggle for me to bring this out in the open, but we cannot go on indefinitely pretending grave evils are not at play here. That’s worse.

    So if we have to air this dirty laundry, let’s do it. And clean the whole thing up — one way or another.

  3. Thank you for sending this. I think we should insist that the bishops take a closer look at what is happening. I am the volunteer D&P representative in our parish. Somrthing that happened 4 years ago gave me suspicions that condoms might be being advised to D&P partners. When I asked for clarification there was a firm denial and because I wanted to believe them, I did.

    We should not be enabling a Catholic organisation to harm the people they are trying to help. This needs to be dealt with.

    God bless,

  4. I don’t understand why the by Bishops in the countries where this aid is provided are not approached to give their opinion on the D & P partners. This should clarify any ambiguity which our Bishops may have.

    I’m really impressed by the staff at LifeSite News. They’re young, dynamic, and zealous for the Truth and the Lord. But then, what else would you expect from the JPII generation. IMHO they deserve all the support we can give.

  5. Keep it going John. It’s important to keep the pressure up. It is amazing, simply amazing how naive and gullible our Shepherds are. Furthermore, how they do not feel duty bound to do a root and branch analysis of D&P and rather simply accept their verbal “We don’t do that” is astonishing. This of course is under the charitable assumption that they really don’t know what is going on. I have a sick, heavy feeling in the bottom of my gut though, that many of them know exactly what is going on and have used their position of authority to cover and direct these types of things all these years.

  6. Hi Jon,

    Is this the time to visit or communicate somehow with the Nuncio?

    Obviously Bishop “X” does not want his name to be known.

    The Nuncio cannot be obvious in his remarks but he can make some suggestions as to what to do next. At least that is what I found.

    Fr. DeValk may be of some help as well through Catholic Insight.
    I think that Father DeValk has written on this in the past.

    You have a better chance at leading this than most of us. Keep up the good work.


  7. God bless you John. Your response must have been very difficult to write. I am however afraid that the too many Bishops have taken the Rodney King approach to the world “can’t we all just get along.” Well damn it, no we can’t! There is no compromise on the issue of Condom distribution through D & P. If a Bishop will not defend the Church’s teaching on life and the family then they need to be corrected.
    Keep up the good work John.


  8. Hey John,

    I wrote to my local bishop about this and asked him to address the conflict of interest. I also let him know that I realize he has a daunting task of redirecting the diocese toward authentic catholicism and assured him of my prayers.

    Let’s face it, he faced a lot of opposition when he wrote a direction to all the parish priests insisting the congregations kneel during the consecratiion. Then he wrote a letter insisting on a return to the sacrament of confession and corrected the error of general absolution which was practiced in our diocese for years. He is on the right track, but he doesn’t want to be premature in his response to this.

    I don’t know if he is the same as your Bishop X.

    Whether we like it or not, the Archbishops are in a politically sensitive position. The church has always moved slowly. It took years to get into this mess, and it will take some time to clean it up.

    It is however essential that we stay neither silent nor in denial of the necessity for cleaning house.

  9. Hand in there John. We love you dearly for your sacrifices in the name of the Truth.

    Even though these revelations are scandalous and disheartening, the truth must be known. The Church in Canada is entering a period of profound cleansing, not unlike what the Church in the U.S. experienced following the priest/pedophilia scandals.

  10. Hi Joanne,

    The Church might move slowly on doctrinal matters but this is largely pastoral. The longer they delay the more babies lives are at risk. They have a moral obligation to stop it right now.

  11. John,
    Somthing else caught my attention. What exactly does the Bishop mean by ‘rewarded.’ Is he saying that his support of your website is a reward? In light of his comments it seems to be more like a ransom than a reward.

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