Bishop: Pennsylvania hospital no longer Catholic

ERIE, PA, July 8, 2013 ( – The bishop of Erie, Pennsylvania, has declared the city’s largest hospital may no longer be considered a Catholic institution, after its new owners have signaled they will begin performing sterilizations in violation of the Catholic faith. (Source)

Good show, Bishop Perisco.

By that standard, a number of dioceses in Canada and even the CCCB itself might have their “Catholic” name revoked for covering contraceptives in their health insurance plans.

3 thoughts on “Bishop: Pennsylvania hospital no longer Catholic

  1. How about St. Michael’s in Toronto? I know that Dr. Cecutti performed tubal ligations there in the early 80’s. And CLC gave him a glowing obituary; obviously they didn’t know his practise very well.

  2. Dr. Cecutti delivered my beautiful daughter in 1981. I wanted to be a mom, but for those women who did not, and others who had already had one child and did want any more, I see nothing wrong with Dr. Cecutti having performed tubal ligations. In my opinion those women were being responsible by not getting themselves pregnant only to abort the child. The church should keep their nose out of people’s lives, and concentrate on their own priests. Castration is an option.

  3. It’s all about one’s WORLDVIEW/Religion.The ones who say they don’t have a Worldview/Religion are being dishonest.

    The life side wants to promote their values of life and love to the culture.

    The only values the so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan death side imposes on the baby come in the form of a knife, a vacuum or scalding chemicals.

    The values of death and violence to get what they want are thus promoted, and imposed on our society by so-called “neutral” Secular Democratic Paganism.

    The so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan media ought to go into the abortion clinics, and show the people the pictures of the piles of dead babies who are the victims of this culture war.

    Why do you suppose they don’t ?

    The “Religion/Worldview” of so-called “neutral” Democratic Secular Paganism in Government, Law, Education and the popular media in our culture has brainwashed innocent,impressionable schoolchildren from Kindergarten to University in the tenets of so-called “neutral”Democratic Secular Paganism using adult school teachers and homosexual activists,as so -called neutral Secular Pagan human rights.

    The ones who don’t agree with this so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Democratic Politically Correct agenda get suspended from their employment , get fined and name called along with their wife and children or go to jail. We have become a so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Democracy with so-called neutral Secular Pagan morality and justice.

    So-called “neutral” Democratic Secular Paganism and Communism are both Christless social theories. That is why Secular Pagan Canada gets along so well with Communist China now!

    That is why criminals,and those they employ get rich at the expense of their victims of crime and the victims suffer.

    The so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Governments and Judiciary make arbitrary laws based on so-called neutral Secular Pagan ideology,The Living Tree Evolving Society interpretation instead of the sanctity of human life based on The Ten Commandments.

    Secular Pagan so-called neutral democratic Westerners murder babies by the millions for their convenience, and call it the neutral Secular Pagan human right of abortion.

    Unless we as voting citizens of Canada, and Western Civilization decide to Politically do something about our Culture things will get worse. The Politicians we elect to rule over us and our children,are the ones who pass Bills into Law that everyone has to live by in so-called neutral Secular Pagan Democracies. In a Democracy the voters are responsible for the laws of the land. Political Apathy and Indifference leads to imposed Tyranny.

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