One thought on “Bishop Paprocki: I Direct the Eucharist be Placed in the Center of the Sanctuary

  1. Thank You Lord for this ! When oh when will more Bishops speak with this God Given Authority because they care and love Our Blessed Lord Jesus they could not have Him anywhere else. He IS supposed to be what we gaze upon in His Most Holy Tabernacle not only when He Is exposed to us.
    We are supposed to be centered on Him alone . The Mass is about Him, and our Thanksgiving can
    never come close to His Magnificent , Awesome Glorious Love. Heart changing, and breaking for Him, alone because when one takes the time to think about Our Beautiful Beautiful Lord and Saviour and God in His Most Holy Trinity, we should be so filled with joy and gratitude our hearts want to burst because of it, and yet at the same time we acknowledge Just how much He loves us in our sinful broken weak nature , which we yearn to turn around with His help, and which He is only to happy to help us do…if we just gaze upon Him and give Him all of us as a beginning .Such offering would be only small for us but He is still pleased and where He resides… our whole hearts and minds and surrender our bodies all to Him to have and do with as He wants, and we fall deeper and deeper in love with Him .
    Thank You, thank You, thank You Bishop Paprocki!
    Thank You Beautiful Holy Trinity of Father God , Jesus The Christ and Holy Ghost, deserving of all our love,devotion, and faithfulness , and focussed attention and… Thank YOu!!!! Blessed Virgin and Mother and Queen Mary and Good St. Joseph and St. Michael, and ALL the Saints and Angels

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