Bishop Olmsted’s actions could be a tsunami against “Professional Catholics”

…At the time, I remarked to peers in medicine and to groups I was invited to address that there had to be much more to this story than meets the eye. No Catholic hospital faithful to the ERD’s ad the Magisterium, within a stone’s throw of several other hospitals, makes such a decision, especially without consulting the local bishop. I opined, and was pilloried for it, that Sister McBride was presiding over a shadow healthcare system that was active in promoting an agenda that ran counter to the mission of the Church. Nobody commits first-degree murder as a first crime. No Catholic hospital administrator, especially a professed religious, signs off on such an abortion for the first time in the manner in which Sister McBride conducted herself. There was an arrogance, an independent and defiant air about it that pointed to something deeper and darker, something that would eventually come to light. This past week, Bishop Olmsted shared with the world the extent to which there has been a shadow system operating for over a quarter of a century, performing abortions, sterilizations, and dispensing all manner of contraception.  Sister McBride, as it has now been revealed, is hardly the compassionate administrator who made a good-faith, though horrific decision…(Source)

 Socon or Bust readers are aware of the travails we undertook against Development & Peace in 2009 through to 2010.  Many of you might be thinking, in light of the Development & Peace’s about-face this past Autumn on funding pro-abort groups, that the battle is now over.

Well, it’s not

In fact, it’s only just begun against the social justice clique and just about every strata of Church bureacracy where “professional Catholics” reign supreme.   It’s nothing short of a civil war.  We’re tired of the lies and garbage which we’ve been fed the past 40 years and we’re not going to take it any more.

Bishop Olmsted’s necessary and courageous action could very well jolt the Catholic Church back to life, and force the lavendar mafia in the Episcopacy out into the open to either declare themselves for or against the Catholic faith.  In fact, it’s already started to happen.  Sad to say but much of the Catholic Church is controlled by homosexuals, homosexualists, feminists, communists, socialists, eco-freaks, heretics, and limp-wristed, cowardly men. 

It’s the truth and everyone knows it.  On the bright side, however, if you want proof of her Divine origin, you only have to wonder in amazement how those who hold the levers of power have not been able to change her divine teaching.

In this country, we will continue to shine the light and turn up the pressure on Church officials – bishop and bureaucrat alike.  No one is safe.  And no one will be spared.  No matter who they may be.  (This is not hyperbole either.  When one invites noted dissenters to the address the club, you know the club needs to be shaken and cleaned out.)  If an allegation is true and any Church official is playing fast and loose with human life or going against magisterial teaching,  we’re going after them with everything we’ve got.  That’s not something that we like to do.  It’s something we engage in with trepidation and a cold sobriety, but it is work that must be done nonetheless.

In Canada for instance, St. Joseph’s “Catholic”  fetal euthanasia centre is still humming along on all cylinders, from what I can see.  Has there been a change in policy there?  I don’t think so. If there has been, there’s been no report about it. In fact, back in March 2009, Bishop Fabbro  “ordered” an investigation into the anti-life practice of St. Joseph’s:

“The investigation is still in process,” Mark Adkinson, spokesman for Bishop Fabbro said. “The bishop does see it as a priority.” Fabbro has written to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome, the Church body responsible for maintaining Catholic doctrine throughout the world, to advise them of the situation. (Source)

March 2009.  In a few months, it will be March 2011. Two years and we will still have not heard a word.  Some priority.

2011 is going to be a year of shifting, purging and pain.

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