Bishop obeys govt order to remove Catholic school teaching on sinfulness of homosexual acts

The Catholic Diocese of Whitehorse has obeyed an order by the Yukon government to remove Church teaching on the sinfulness of homosexuality from its policy on pastoral care for same-sex attracted students in its publicly-funded Catholic schools.  Critics have pointed out that even in the title of the new policy, the ‘truth’ has been removed….(Source)

I have a really simple question for this bishop and any bishop, really.  Why bother being a bishop?  Just what are you “protecting” by such a capitulation?  You don’t please the government or the gay storm-troopers and your saturation of the Faith is anathema to parents who believe in the Catholic Faith.  So, what dear Fathers is the point, exactly?  Government money?

It seems that the number one job of a Catholic bishop these days is to run away from the Cross and from Confrontation.  The ultimate cardinal sin today for any bishop is not to get along with everyone.  I guess the Spirit of Vatican II has gone to their heads.

This is why the Catholic education system is in the gutter.   This is why the bishops are basically figureheads.  This is why the holy firewall has gone up in Catholic homes all across this country and much of the Western world.  This is why the Catholic faithful already have one foot in the underground, and the second foot is sure to drop within the next 5-10 years.

It appears that Faithful Catholic parents have to uphold and teach the faith themselves, and make sad excuses for why the bishop won’t properly witness to it.

That’s why in my house, I am the ultimate teacher of the Faith – not because of design, but because of necessity.

4 thoughts on “Bishop obeys govt order to remove Catholic school teaching on sinfulness of homosexual acts

  1. Welcome once again, to carousel “Catholicism”. And who are the leading riders? Well, pusillanimous invertebrates, who call themselves bishops, of course. The same thing will happen in the Ontario “Catholic” school system. The bishops and trustees will bow in slavish obeisance as they did with the sodomy affirming gay/straight alliance.

  2. Let me play devil’s advocate. What if the bishop, in the midst of persecution, is trying to emulate Pius XII, who allegedly avoided public confrontation with Hitler and instead worked quietly behind the scenes to protect Jews. What if the bishop is merely changing the words on paper but will continue to teach the authentic Faith in practice? Would that be an unacceptable course of action? I didn’t see anything in the policy that is irreconcilable with the Faith.

  3. I don’t think there is much of a comparison.

    #1 – Pius XII never swerved on doctrine or watering it down. In fact, he was the real author of MIT BRENNENDER SORGE, the only encyclical ever first published in a language other than in Latin.

    #2 – Hitler was a mad man and Pius XII had to walk carefully. I don’t believe the current situation is anything like that. In fact, when the Nazis were first ascending to power (like the Gay jackboot is today), Pius was writing the above encyclical. If we ever got that kind of writing from any Canadian bishop, I would eat my dirty shorts.

    #3 – Do any of us honestly believe that any bishop in this country is working to subvert the Gay jackboot and will teach children that homosexual acts are “depraved acts”? I very much doubt it. I have never heard those words “depraved acts” come from any priest, much less any bishop. It exists in the Catechism…and that’s likely where it will stay for a long time. It will never be uttered except in hushed tones in dark basements somewhere.

    #4 – “Giving the benefit of the doubt” to any bishop these days is long gone. The proverbial horse has left the barn a long time ago. No, today, what you see and hear is what you get. There are no secret agendas to preserve the Faith. It’s all about appeasement and diplomacy and capitulation. The institutional church has become just another client of the government…an NGO that steps to its tune.

    #5 – We desperately need an authentic witness to the Faith, instead of some kind of “technically the bishop did not contradict any doctrine” mantra. That’s true, of course. But that’s not what the problem is here. The problem here is the lack of some testical fortitude. We are deluding ourselves if we think that this kind of capitulation is not going to mean that blood will flow for the next generation…my kids actually…who will not bend the knee to the Rainbow flag. Every missed opportunity means one more step closer of the Gay jackboot to that day. Let us not be naïve as a great majority of the Church is. It’s walking into martyrdom and these bishops don’t give a damn about it.

    • Paycheck

      Was it not St. Athanasius, in the Arian controversy, who said, that the floor of hell, is covered with the skulls of bishops? The bishops have simply abandoned their traditional duties of sanctificandi, regendi and docendi. They will, of course, sound off, on safe subjects, like the environment, labor, immigration or other social items that have been safely vectored through leftist politics. Today’s bishops, had they lived in the fourth century, would have eagerly jumped on that safe Arian bandwagon, and left Athanasius holding the bag of Nicean truth. They drank, at Vatican II, the hemlock of repackaged Modernism, and their successors, lemming like, have aided and abetted the chaos ever since. Oh, by the way, I’m sure that there is lots of room on the floor of hell for the skulls of Catholic school trustees.

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