Bishop Lori Rips America Mag

…Oh, and as Detective Colombo used to say: “Just one more thing.” It’s the comment in the editorial about when we bishops are at our best. Evidently, it’s when we speak generalities softly and go along to get along, even though for the first time in history the federal government is forcing church entities to provide for things that contradict church teaching. Maybe Moses wasn’t at his best when he confronted Pharaoh. Maybe the Good Shepherd was a bit off his game when he confronted the rulers of his day.  (Source)

I have a question for Bishop Lori:  when is play time in the Church going to finally end?

And just one more thing, your Grace:  when are the bishops going to get serious about defining Catholic boundaries and following through when dissenters don’t recognize them?

Talk is good, and I applaud you for it.  But action is better because that’s when we all will know – including the so-called Catholic politicians – that you’re actually serious about protecting the Catholic Faith.

Beliefs have consequences.  Make the other side understand that.  Thanks.

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