Bishop Henry’s Non Litmus Test

“…Bishop Henry has in the past maintained that it is acceptable for D&P to fund projects run by “pro-choice” groups….“CCODP is not supporting abortion but a project to help the poor and their partners also happen to [be] pro-choice,” the bishop wrote in an e-mail to concerned pro-lifers in 2009. “There is an important difference between the two….Lifesite’s position seems to suggest that before we cooperate with anyone or any organization in supporting a good action, our opening question must be: ‘What is your stance on abortion?’ and that as the litmus test should override everything else. I don’t think that this would be the starting point of Jesus.”..(Source)

The problem here is that + Fred is a supporter of the Winnipeg Statement, sadly.  It explains why he takes this approach.  And that’s why he and the rest of the proportionalists in the Episcopacy really do need our fervent prayers.

I have a question: Would Bishop Henry or any Catholic Bishop be caught dead supporting any organization that advocated for child porn? Human trafficking? or Denial of global warming?

No, you say?

What?…No cumbaya dance with the modern day slave owners? No understanding for these poor dears?  Did I mention that they do other good work?  Isn’t that enough?  It’s all about proportions, right?  Why be so hung up on kiddie diddlers, for an act which is essentially about entertainment and pleasure? Why such a draconian litmus test?


Well, folks….there you have your answer about how serious Bishop Henry and the Catholic bishops are about abortion.  When they start to associate abortion with real crimes (like they should), then that will be the moment that their funding of these pro-abort groups will end. But not a minute sooner.

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