Bishop Henry says there’s “hysteria” about the reports on funding pro-abort groups

The above clip is part of the same video which I commented on in the previous blog entry, except for the first part.

Check out what Bishop Henry says at the 21-24 second mark. Referring to the reports on D&P’s pro-abort partners, he says:

“…some of the hysteria, some of the anger, some of the misinformation…”

So we are “hysterical” about Catholic money going to D&P’s pro-abort pimps, are we?

If we truly understood what abortion was and if we truly understood the role that the Canadian Church has had in fostering it and exporting it, we would not have such a flippant attitude towards the crisis we find ourselves in as a Church.

But then again, some of us are more serious about abortion than others.  Three years on and the professionals are still renewing themselves.

3 thoughts on “Bishop Henry says there’s “hysteria” about the reports on funding pro-abort groups

  1. Bishop Henry is really clueless. He speaks of re-visioning. Is that what you call when you give money to abortion groups and now you might be changing that? So was that their previous vision?

    He speaks of this being a communication issue. How do they, because he didn’t say how, plan on communicating with Catholics? Doing these discussions behind closed doors certainly proves that they don’t communicate well. Communicating with the Bishop won’t get to Catholics, nor does passing it to 2 other committees. All this is is politics, stone-walling. Using euphamisms as re-visioning, holistic understanding of the human person, broadening horizons and changing their conceptual framework means diddly squat.

    Lastly, he states that this is a tweak and doing it differently. How deep is his head in the sand??? Or, is he part of the pro-abortion group in the Church? He’s either ignorant or a deceiver.

  2. He speaks like a politician or a boardroom executive, not a Bishop of the Church. “revisioning” “developing tools” (I always think it pretentious when people speak of tools and are not referring to hammers or screwdrivers)… Where is talk of moral obligation? church teachings on the sanctity of life? Spiritual accountability?

  3. It is one of the major tragedies in the Church that Bishop Henry has been non-supportive of any of the true pro-life action in and around Calgary, (indeed across Canada through the CCCB). Instead he has been critical of the brave young people who stand up against the killing of innocent babies. He has criticized each aspect of prolife action and has not led prayer outside the abortuary, a short distance from where he lives. He has only ridiculed Lifesite for its coverage of the life issues. Imagine if each of us was prayed for at all the Masses in Alberta from Red Deer south to the U.S. Border. How blessed we would feel. Bishop Henry should let those prayers guide him on the path of life that Jesus would have him follow.

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