Bishop Fred Henry Lends Support to Bill C-304

OTTAWA – Calgary Bishop Fred Henry has come out in support of a bill introduced by a Conservative MP that would strike the controversial Section 13 from the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Henry, who faced human rights complaints in 2005 for writing a pastoral letter defending traditional marriage, said Section 13 and its provincial counterparts “need to either be eliminated or subjected to an extensive re-write.”…(Source)

It’s great that we’re finally making some headway on the attacks on religious liberty. The Canadian Bishops need to wake up to this reality in Canada because it is going to be more of an issue as the years go by, and they will not be able to ignore it. The corruption of our culture eventually leads to the Church losing its freedoms. I hope D&P’s water bottle campaign isn’t given more prominence than this issue at the next CCCB plenary.

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