Bishop Athanasius Schneider: ‘We are in the fourth great crisis of the Church’

Bishop Schneider also rejected the idea that concern for the liturgy is less important than, or even separate from, concern for the poor. “This is erroneous. The first commandment which Christ gave us was to adore God alone. Liturgy is not a meeting of friends. It is our first task to adore and glorify God in the liturgy and also in our manner of life. From a true adoration and love of God grows love for the poor and our neighbour. It is a consequence.” (Source)

“Liturgy is not a meeting of friends.”  That’s a zinger or what?

One thought on “Bishop Athanasius Schneider: ‘We are in the fourth great crisis of the Church’

  1. Thank you for this post…
    I ended up going to a downtown Parish today to which I was subjected to a Homily that stressed community, yet again… and that it was not enough to come to Church to worship God alone but to make sure others feel welcome. People need to be a t Mass BECAUSE it is about HIM. Gratitude would grown if we could realize that He has made Himself present for us in His Blessed Sacrament such as the Sacrament of Reconciliation which prepares us for receiving HIM!!!! in His True Blessed Sacred Presence in The Holy Eucharist .it is not about receiving people first but HIM, always First. then everything else flows the cross goes upward then , and only then can we reach out horizontally to others and not in some fake happy- clappy, sentimental or protestant fashion, but in a manner fit for the King in Catholic Liturgical tradition.

    Mass is not an A.A. meeting and besides there is a Church Hall or outside etc to chat and greet your brothers and sisters in Christ. Why can’t people get this right.
    This lack of honoring the 10 commandments and even honoring Sunday as The Lords Day. It does not say the peoples day but the Lord’s Day, so hopefully we can give Him only our few meager offerings of our time on this Day reserved for Him alone, and spending time doing what He will be pleased with . When you love someone you want to give them the best of yourself and as much time as you can to get to know them more and more intimately, if you are in a marriage and so you can grow deeper and deeper in love with them. How much more so should we do this with Our Blessed Most Holy the very reason why people walk past the Tabernacle or yack away in Church with no concern for Sacred Silence. Sadly,in the modern nu-church fashion It is like Jesus does not even exist for many except in some abstract fashion and not much wonder why that is, when people are encouraged stressed to be more important than Him. It makes me cry at times how we are often so narcissistic ,even at Mass. Something is terribly wrong and MIssing. It is called proper reverence and devotion and true worship and modesty about our little selves that are so wretched without His grace and Our Blessed Lady’s Intercession on our behalf. We are in so much need of HIm.We must come as the thirsty souls that we are in need of Him, for without Him we can do nothing and are nothing, except sinners in need of God’s Grace.
    Our Father… Hail Mary.. Glory Be…

    .Come…Holy Ghost and fill our hearts anew, enkindling a fire anew where there is a flame and where there is merely embers, blow into us the Breath of Your Holy Love, boldness, Truth, conviction and All that is Your magnificent Paraclete…Thank You
    St. Joseph and St.Michael watch over and protect Holy Mother Church
    Now celebrating Pentecost takes on a whole different meaning for many. Always people want to make it all about us instead of Jesus

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