Birth not a moment of ‘magical transformation’:

Speaking in the House of Commons’ first hour of debate on Motion 312, Tory MP Stephen Woodworth said: “Canadians expect parliamentarians to embody that courage, that strength, that principled quest for the truth. Will we be seen as bold for the sake of truth, or as fearful? We can trust Canadians to embrace the truth with us.”

MP Stephen Woodworth speaking at the National March for Life on Parliament Hill in 2011.

The Kitchener MP has called on Parliament to establish a special committee to re-examine section 223 of the Criminal Code, a 400-year-old provision inherited from British common law that states a child only becomes a “human being” once he or she has fully proceeded from the womb.

“How many Canadians believe that birth is a moment of magical transformation that changes a child from a non-human to a human being?” he asked in the House Thursday. “Perhaps that ancient definition made sense when leeches and bloodletting were standard medical practices, but does it make medical sense in the 21st century?”…

“If basic rights can be denied to even one vulnerable person, they can be denied to anyone,” he said. “If we accept a law that decrees some human beings are not human, the question that must be asked is: Who is next?”… (Source)


To answer his question above: “anyone who is a burden or in the way” – the handicapped, the elderly, undesirable infants.  Anyone who doesn’t fit the lifestyle or eugenic mold. That’s what “abortion” has blessed our society with.

If you listen to the pro-life arguments, you will see that they are balanced, sober, humane, and backed up by hard science.  The pro-abort side’s arguments are still stuck in the sixties. They’re also lame with no real substance.  The pro-aborts are showing themselves to be knuckle-dragging, anti-science bigots.

Every year that advances is a “baby step” closer to abortion being overturned.  It’s inevitable. The only question is the timing.  How soon can pro-lifers (and God) make it happen?  That’s the only question.

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