Birth control pill alters women’s memories: study

You know the writing is on the wall when even the Globe and Mail starts reporting these things:

Have you ever wondered why your memory of certain events is so different than everyone else’s? Researchers have discovered that your birth control may be to blame.

Scientists at the University of California, Irvine, have found that hormonal contraception, such as birth control pills, can alter women’s memories. These medications don’t harm their ability to remember, the researchers emphasize. Rather, women on birth control appear better able to recall the emotional impact of an event, while those not using contraceptives are better at recalling details.

“It’s a change in the type of information they remember, not a deficit,” graduate researcher Shawn Nielsen said in a press release. (Source)

They’ve done their best to put a positive spin on it, but it’s a lame attempt. When you appear in a job interview, testify in a court of law or write that final exam, which aspect of your memory is more important: “the emotional impact” or “the details”?

And this little quote takes the cake:

In effect, the latest findings suggest women on contraceptives may remember emotional events more like men do, relying on the right hemispheres of their brain, associated with intuition, to encode memory.

It reminds me of a  bold statement from Mr. Pacheco a few weeks ago, in which he stated that a sterilized (contracepting) woman is basically another man. In more ways than one, it would appear.

Contraception: stealing your womanhood away.

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