Birth Control Linked to Heart Attack, Stroke

At age 29, Samantha Balzer never expected to have a stroke. That was until the former smoker and birth control pill user started experiencing some of the hallmark symptoms. “I had a headache all day,” the Amherst, Ohio. woman recalled. “After puking in the sink, I felt off-balance, and I knew something wasn’t right.” Balzer was shocked to find that her right hand had curled up into a ball. “I started to panic, and when I stood up the whole right side of my body went numb. I ran into the door because I was dragging my right leg. “I thought, ‘I am having a stroke. I need help.'”…

Yes, you and the rest of the female population certainly do…Women need to wake up to the fact that contraception is an abuse of who and what they are.

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