Billboard Blasphemy

INDIANAPOLIS — At least two billboard signs that seek to get people to re-examine homosexuality by using biblical references have been vandalized in Indianapolis.

The campaign, coordinated by the Jesus Metropolitan Community Church, of Indianapolis, carries a message some consider shocking, 6News’ Derrik Thomas reported.

In order to deface the billboards, vandals had to be daring, using extension ladders. There have been no arrests, but the debate rages.

The billboard proclaims that Jesus affirmed a gay couple. “Lie, lie, lie,” is scrawled in red paint above the original message on a sign on 10th Street.

Twenty-two billboards were placed strategically around the city. The Rev. Jeff Miner, of the church that paid for the billboards, was disappointed by the vandalism.

“There was a sense of disappointment, a sense of shock. That’s OK,” Miner said. “We’re going to share a positive, powerful message how the Bible affirms gay people and we know there is going to be some opposition as we try to get that message out here.”

In addition to the billboards, church volunteers have placed about 2,000 yard signs around the city. Many of them were pulled out of the ground almost as fast as they were put in.



This blasphemy is beyond the pale. Today, everything is subject to redefinition. The pro-aborters were successful in dehumanizating the baby so that the whole notion of the child being human has been subject to re-definition in the semantic wars of the twenty-first century.

The Homosexual Lobby has also been very successful in redefining a whole host of issues, including what a marriage and even a family is. Their next attack – the inevitable one of course – is on the Son of God Himself, seeking to co-opt and recruit Him to their cause. Since they can count on general and even scandalous ignorance about the biblical text, they are sure to get some mileage out of it.

As the Scripture says,

For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. (2 Tim 4.3)

The appropriate response is to fight fire with fire. The Churches of Indianapolis should start their own PR campaign about what the bible really teaches about love, family, and sex. If they don’t respond, they shouldn’t cry when hate crime legislation makes it impossible for them to do so.

2 thoughts on “Billboard Blasphemy

  1. What irks me– beyond the theology– is that it’s historically laughable. Oh yeah– good Jews were totally into promoting sodomy— NOT!

    You’d have to be really blind to believe that.

  2. But they will say it wasn’t the Jews, it was a Roman centurion and his “servant boy”.

    The whole thing, however, shows just how skewered and desperate their thinking is. In their thinking, every positive historical figure in history was either Gay or supportive of Gays. And every negative historical figure was anti-gay.

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