Bill Whatcott Wins Freedom For Canadians

…“Mr. Whatcott entered the university property with a purpose to distribute his literature to students, staff and public,” said the judge, adding, “Traditionally, universities have been places for the exchange of ideas” and the “concept of free expression is part of the University of Calgary philosophy.”

“His activity was peaceful and presented no harm to the university structures or those who frequented the campus. … Although Mr. Whatcott’s pamphlet is not scholarly, freedom of speech is not limited to academic works.”

In conclusion, Judge Bascom found that “the means used by campus security halted Mr. Whatcott’s distribution of these flyers and violated his right of free expression.”

The judge also lifted the University’s ban against Whatcott that would have indefinitely prohibited him from setting foot on the campus again, stating that the ban was “arbitrary and unfair.”…(Source)

Whatever you think of Bill’s tactics, you’ve got to hand it to him. He’s got brass balls.  And his courage is making freedom possible for the rest of us who would prefer not to get our fingernails dirty in digging up the garbage that Lefists have been dumping on this country for the past 40 years.

Thank you, Bill. 

I expect you’ll be paying another visit to the University of Calgary very soon.

One thought on “Bill Whatcott Wins Freedom For Canadians

  1. Congratulations, Bill Whatcott!

    You are a hero to all Canadian citizens who love freedom of expression.

    Since the Order of Canada medal lost its lustre after it was awarded to the greatest murderer of the most innocent human beings, we need to estalish the awarding of a new FREEDOM MEDAL to those little people who have to fight against giants, like David against Goliath. Bill Whatcott should be the first recipient of that FREEDOM MEDAL!

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