Bill C-304 Introduced to Reform the Canadian Human Rights Act

Good News: Bill C-304 Introduced to Reform Canadian Human Rights Act One of the first pieces of legislation in this new Parliament will be warmly received by many in the church community and all freedom-loving Canadians. Conservative MP Brian Storseth (from Northern Alberta), has introduced a private members bill  that proposes to delete Section 13 from the Canadian Human Rights Act. Section 13 makes it an offence to communicate any matter that is likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt. Section 13 has been responsible for silencing Christians who say or write things that are deemed to be offensive. Although we should be the first to oppose hate, the reality is that when hate is defined by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, we as Christians are often seen as the hateful ones because the message of the Gospel is considered offensive.

Take Action: Click here to keep reading and find a video interview with Mr. Storseth as well as a new Easy Mail letter encouraging your MP, the PM, and the Justice Ministers to support this.

One thought on “Bill C-304 Introduced to Reform the Canadian Human Rights Act

  1. When truth is lovingly and honestly presented, and proven by verifiable scientific fact to teach our Politically Correct society to stop perverting Canadian children in and out of schools , this in no way ought be censored and called hate.

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