Bill 13: Who is the real bully?

Well, it looks like the “Anti-Gay Bullying” Bill is making its rounds in the province.    The “Bill 13 Committee ” will be in Ottawa today to listen to the concerns of parents and other “stakeholders”.

The truth of this Bill, as everyone already knows, is not really about bullying Gay students.  It’s about advancing an agenda and bullying students in the Separate School system and shaming them into accepting Sodomy as a legitimate way of life. If there is any bullying going on, it will be against Faithful Catholic Kids as the Gay activists and their sycophants use this latest canard – like they do in just about every other arena – to punish dissent and make sure everyone learns the language of “Gayspeak” and dutifully and obediently conforms to it. 

Here’s a news item for everyone:  Kids who actually practice the Faith don’t bully Gays.

But those “bullies” who bully any minority in the Catholic system will continue to do so — except that it will simply raise the stakes and make it exciting for them to do so now more than ever.   Far from preventing bullying, however, this legislation will simply make it worse which will, of course, necessitate further legal maneuvers by the Gayvernment to crack down on the pushback.  The vicious cycle will have no end and will end up destroying the lives of hundreds of students.

The bullying will continue to happen, except that it will be driven underground and perhaps even grow as the resentment for the “special status” of gay students becomes evident.

Why are gay students so special that they need to be singled out and given special protection?  In fact, to let you all in on a little secret, the great majority of bullying in the Catholic system today happens to faithful Catholic kids who go to Mass and practice the Catholic faith.  I know this because I hear it enough from parents whose kids are mercilessly mocked by their peers for being authentically Catholic.

But for some reason, this minority doesn’t get any protection.  Just the minorities who have big bucks and large political lobbies behind them.

Never much considered this, but perhaps this is God’s way of pulling the plug on the false advertisement that passes as Catholic education in the province of Ontario.

Let the piranhas eat each other.

Practising Catholic kids have no dog in this fight.

Faithful parents will give it one last hurrah, but they’ll also start preparing for the Exodus.

2 thoughts on “Bill 13: Who is the real bully?

  1. We can’t count on any integrity coming from the school boards or teachers so it’s up to the Bishops.
    I hope I’m wrong but I think this matter will be left up to the individual boards just like the whole sexual education program was slipped under the table in the 80’s.

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