Bill 13: Prophesy Fullfilled

Back in 2003, I sat beside soon-to-be Premier Dalton McGuinty at an All-Candidate’s Debate in Ottawa South.  You can hear my opening and closing remarks below.

As you will hear in the clip, I was rather animated and “direct” about McGuinty’s pro-gay, anti-religious freedom stance.  Most people did not really see the danger of McGuinty’s position, or if they did, they didn’t bother getting too worked up about it.

I didn’t pull any punches then, because I knew what was coming down the pipe for our Catholic kids today.   And I was right.  What was “unthinkable” 10 years ago with homosexuality in Catholic schools is becoming the standard fare today.

With the current “Anti-Gay Bullying” Bill just months away from becoming law and affecting Catholic education forever in this province, I think my remarks were spot-on. 

I even told the crowd assembled at that Debate that their problems would be 10 times worse in 10 years.  Well that was 9 years ago.  We’re well on the way for that prediction to come true.  And we’re further along in losing our religious freedom.

Without the necessary resolve and leadership, we Catholics – and what I mean by that is real Catholics – are well on the way to second-class citizenship in Ontario and in Canada.

I am amazed, really, at just how clueless and naive the regular Joe Six Pack Catholic is….or maybe I am just amazed at how little their religion means to them.

Either way, a pruning is happening because this Gong Show is coming to a quick end because God really does want to know if we’re all serious about being Catholic.

9 thoughts on “Bill 13: Prophesy Fullfilled

  1. John, there is no doubt about it you are a prophet. Some people just cannot see into the consequenses and the future. I knew you were right on.

    I used to get frustrated because people do not see the consequenses of actions. Now, I just have to let go and let God.



  2. Your hatred is dying out. Fifty years from now, this kind of homophobic paranoia is going to look like 1960s redneck racism does today – disgusting and ignorant.

    • Let me fill you in on a little bit of BIOLOGICAL REALITY. In fifty years, my “paranoia” will be seeded in dozens and dozens of great grandchildren who will in turn propagate the Faith. On the other hand, because you refuse the natural law, you and the rest of the gay propagandists have already sealed your fate.

  3. Hi John,
    Just keep being courageous. Doesn’t matter that you are believed or not just keep putting the word out and let God do the rest.
    Remember how the prophets were treated in the past?
    Also, when you choose to suffer, you end up suffering alone, unfortunately.

  4. How long are Canadian citizens going to believe that Politically Correct Relativism, by Government decree and Court enforcement is good for our Nation? Has this made objective thinking obsolete with the majority of our citizens? There was a time when our majority believed that Politically Correct Relativism was nonsense, because not all views are equally true or beneficial.

    I wonder why no one quotes statistics for HIV/AIDS from the Center for Disease Control, or The Public Health Agency of Canada, or the fact that Canadian Blood Services does not accept blood from gay men, because of the high risk of anal sex diseases that cause dis-function of the lower bowel tract, which are endemic in the homosexual population. Sodomy is extremely morbid. The people who normalize and legalize this activity as a human right, and recruit young schoolchildren from Kindergarten, ought not to be re-elected.
    It’s not about discrimination – but about common sense and verifiable scientific facts.

    Very few seem to give a rip regarding this,while at the same time resort to name calling. Normalizing Sodomy to innocent impressionable schoolchildren is diabolical.
    Why are all the Canadian Governments, Courts and Schools legalizing and normalizing this morbid behavior as a human right, and then allowing impressionable schoolchildren to be recruited into this unhealthy lifestyle, by Government decree and Court enforcement? Has almost everyone in Canada gone stark raving mad? In a democracy like ours the responsibility for this moral free-fall is in the hands of the voting citizens, whether you call yourselves Catholic, Protestant, Hindu,Buddhist, Agnostic,Sikh, Atheist, Humanist or other .

  5. My dear friends in Christ, I am from communists country Poland. I grew up during that terribkle regime.You have to realize how difficult is to live under totalitarian system.In Poland was not so bad comparing to other eastern communist countires, but Cardinal Wyszynski for defending church ‘s right spent amost 5 years in prison. Are Canadian Bishops ready to defend us and fight with us.I sent a couple letters to them ony one responded.I am sure people do not realize how danger is to be.Next step you see would be mandatowy for taking part in Pride Parades or join such clubs.In Poland we had written in constitution “free speach and freedom for religion ” it was only only on the paper.Be ready my dear friends, is going be worse much worse.Very soon you will see.Wy Bishops are sleeping.They want to destroy our church our families.

  6. I went to a presentation last night that was the biggest hope I have seen in a long time. The pro-life Caravan is bringing unity to all the pro-life organizations in Canada. The explanation of what this group is doing makes so much sense. In unity there is strength! The laity will make a difference by changing Canada’s culture from pro-death to pro-life I am sure.

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