Bill 13 Hearings in Ottawa

From a reader….

Here is an opportunity to oppose Bill 13. There is a hearing in Ottawa on Tuesday  May 22, in which citizens can participate with a 15-minute presentation. If you would like to present to the Standing Committee on Social Policy, please contact the Clerk of the Committee, Katch Koch at 416-325-3526 or email him at Public delegation slotswill quickly fill up, so I urge you to make arrangements immediately..

Loving, respectful, well-reasoned presentations will make the greatest impact. It would be great to see the views of francophones, mothers and minorities represented.

I think we need to fill up those public consultation spots on May 22nd with concerned parents. Otherwise the spots could be filled with anti-Christian sentiment and who are looking to publicly vilify the Catholic worldview. Hopefully this will lead to a positive hearing of Respecting Difference, the position paper produced by the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’Association. See above to register.

You may also want to visit these websites to be fullyinformed on the issues:

Fight like there’s no tomorrow for your kids…because if we lose this fight, there won’t be any more tomorrows in the governtment-funded, gay-controlled education system.

Four walls and a sign that says “school” doesn’t make it so.

If we lose this fight, the little salt that’s left in the System is going to soon evaporate.

But that’s OK, because then sacrifice and responsibility then enter the mix within families as they seek to educate their children and pay for it. Things are put in their correct priority and parents won’t have to tolerate the lame excuses either from the School Board administrators, diocesan bureaucrats, “trustees”, or the teachers’ unions as to why their kids are learning filth.

Money talks and bull—- walks, as the saying goes.

2 thoughts on “Bill 13 Hearings in Ottawa

  1. Being a Yankee, I have some difficulties in Canadian constitutional law. It seems to me that the BNA Act (Constitution Act of 1867) states that Catholic schools in Quebec and Ontario are public schools, or at least publicly funded? Is that the case?

    Also, in some articles the homosexual advocacy groups are described as GLBTQQ. Where did the extra Q come from?

  2. Quebec did fund Catholic Schools. A few years ago, they stopped.

    Ontario still funds. But that will soon end.

    The extra Q? Who knows? Probably the next sexual orientation that was been created last week.

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