Big Media Gets It Wrong Again

Elections Canada alleges that the party’s national campaign transferred $1.3 million in advertising costs to local candidate campaigns, in order to stay below its $18.3 million campaign spending limit.

The agency says the party wire-transferred money to the campaigns, then moved it back to the party shortly after in the form of advertising expenses billed to the candidates.

The party is suing the agency over its position. Commissioner of Elections William Corbett is conducting a separate investigation of the in-and-out that could result in charges under the Elections Act. Investigators working for Mr. Corbett raided Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa in April.

At the beginning of the current campaign, Elections Canada warned all parties that it is illegal to transfer expenses from a national campaign to candidate campaigns….(Source)

This reporter shows us once again that the media don’t know what they are talking about or are trying to take cheap shots at the Conservative Party. 

The cash in and out is totally allowed, bub.  Take it from someone who knows the election finance laws federally and provincially.

The only question is whether the Conservative Party charged the local campaigns fair market value and whether all the campaigns (or most of them) were billed.  That, along with the necessary political nature of the advertising are the only three points that really matter.

My prediction:  Conservatives will win.

And I’m no CPC fan, either.

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