Beyond Gay

My good friend and musician, David MacDonald, who ran for the FCP in Ottawa South against Dalton McGuinty gives his testimony below.   I’ve known David for years, but I never remember hearing him say he lived the homosexual lifestyle.  You never know when God is going to ask you to humble yourself and spill the beans on your past sins if it accomplishes a greater purpose.  In David’s case, it was a matter of coming out of the homosexual closet and reclaiming the person God made him.  Check out David’s site here.

On February 29, 1988 Svend Robinson ‘came out’ as Canada’s first homosexual federal politician.  At that time at a party hosted by Canada’s national homosexual lobby (EGALE) Robinson received congratulations from a young man who’s catchy remark was televised across Ontario on the Global Television network.  As he shook Robinson’s hand, David MacDonald said that Robinson’s coming out on TV “was a moment comparable to when I was 8 years old and saw Neil Armstrong on TV, landing on the moon.”

Robinson’s political career was marked by his campaigns for abortion, euthanasia, human cloning, and lowering the age of consent so adults could have anal sex with 14 year old boys and girls and these youth could have such sex with each other. He led the effort to remove the word “God” from the Canadian Constitution, and to have homosexual ‘marriage’ legalized.  Robinson left politics after being caught stealing a $50,000 ring for an upcoming “marriage” to his homosexual partner. spoke with David MacDonald, who long ago left the homosexual life that he was so involved in at the time Robinson came out in public. …read more here

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  1. I wonder which politician was Svends homosexual partner and what kinds of Bills he votes to pass in Parliament ? Anyone can choose to come out of an unhealthy sinful lifestyle and one has to repent and forsake that lifestyle with help. David Macdonald is one of many and that is good news.

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