Between Taliban & The Sex Parade

Sure enough, a handful of uniformed Afghan police officers emerged from their rundown detachment, walked through the barricades and started chatting up the dozen or so teens, some looking decidedly pre-teen.A few minutes after they returned, the selected kids were waved through the main gates and went straight inside the police station. An hour later, when I left the observation post, the boys were still inside.This evening ritual is often derided by soldiers as man-love Thursdays.

Afghan officials insist the notion of men and boys getting together the night before the Muslim holy day for sex is a myth. And, sure, it’s theoretically possible the cops were merely good-deed-doers giving these teens reading lessons.

But Canadian soldiers insisted we had just witnessed the regular Thursday evening negotiation for sex between Afghan men and boys, apparently for gifts or money….(Source)

It is not a coincidence that the West is faced with two choices today:  Taliban repression or Deviant Sexuality.  We see that phenomenon happening all over the Western world today with both extremes being played out.  The above story shows that it’s not only happening in the West but also in Afghanistan and all over the Middle East.   They are two cultures which both have a reductionist approach, yet each has a destructive approach to the question of sexuality.  It is not difficult to understand why the Taliban are so popular. They are the flip side of the sexuality coin.  What the sex parade seeks to abuse with licentiousness, the Taliban seek to repress through the Burka.  The more Christianity, which has the correct view of sexuality and women, is pushed to the margins in Western countries, the more the Islamist pressure will come to bear on Secularism and their Sex Parade.

When that happens, who can possibly deny that society will undergo massive civil unrest?  We know that the Secularists won’t actually fight for anything because they’re cowards in the end.  So that kind of gives you an idea where the culture is going to end up — unless Christianity regains its footing.

5 thoughts on “Between Taliban & The Sex Parade

  1. ” … — unless Christianity regains its footing”
    Yes! Because when christians perpetreate SEXUAL ABUSE like the Presbyterians, United, Catholic and Anglicans did at the residential schools or like a number of fundamentalist Ministes in the USA – it is SO much better!

    Your final conclusions is utter nonsense!!!

    Christianism (not christianity – but the political chrisitan Right) is a threat to Democracy!!

  2. Oh … and did I mention all of the Sexual Abuse that Roman Catholic Priests perpetrated on the flock for centuries!!

  3. Today’s young adults are growing up in a liberal society. They are growing up when sleeping around is the accepted norm taught in sex education class. Using drugs simple recreation. Relativism isn’t an abstract moral theory. It is unquestioned assumption in public school and university classroom instruction. They have been wired as social liberals.

    A Canadian society that smiles on sexual relations outside marriage undermines the institution of the family. And family breakdown contributes to increases in depression, health problems, school failure, drug use, and virtually every kind of social pathology. When that happens, liberal government expands its services and we have more welfare, more crime control, more social services. As the liberal-minded government acquires more functions, it exerts more control over its citizens. As it runs up higher operating costs, it digs deeper into your pocketbook. In short less freedom, justice and higher taxes.

    This is the connection we need to help young people and other liberal-minded people to grasp. The loss of personal virtue “ALWAYS” leads to an erosion of political and economic freedom.

    When people are taught in public school and university classrooms not to exercise internal controls, the cosequences of this leads liberal-minded government then to impose external controls, while asking all of us to foot the bill.

  4. Naturalistic evolution began to grow rapidly in Western intellectual circles and higher education establishments after Darwin first published his theory in 1859. In his two most famous books, The Origin of Species and The Decent of Man, Darwin introduced the concept of ” the survival of the fittest race and natural selection “. The Western drive to “Christianize” the colonies was “abandoned”, politically. The “view” shifted from owing the primitive world education and Christianity, to a more self-interested, ” we Westerners are Naturally better therefore we should be exploiting you, because that is why you are here.” The science text-books in the Western education establishments now had Haeckel’s drawings and Darwin’s explanation depicting six human races and six simian species, allegedly showing the proximity of the lower humans to simians. In 1947 “Christian Canada” gave these “so-called” lower races the vote because at that time in the Chistian Canadian Law books unalienable rights were bestowed on all humans by their Creator ! ” Charles Darwin still has a tremendous amount of influence on our education establishments, the scientific comunity and the public.

    By 1933 the evolutionists were ready to write a doctrinal statement. That is when a group of prominent Darwinist educators got together, including the father of modern education , John Dewy and called themselves “religious humanists”, and wrote ” Humanist Manifesto 1 “. The first and most obvious claim of these Darwinian humanists is that they consider humanism to be a religion despite the fact that humanism denies the existence of God. The term relgion or its equivalent occurs 29 times in this document. The document contains many tenets of this self-proclaimed religion of humanism. among them are: No Creator of the universe, no creation of man and no moral absolutes etc.
    If these beliefs could permeate our culture through our Universities and schools, they would institutionalize atheism and have a profound effect on behavior in our nation. And that is exactly what now has happened.

    The reason the first Nations and the rest of the so-called Darwin’s lower races were abused is Darwinian humanist atheism institutionalized and taught as scientific fact in our education establishments. We all go through our education edtablishments don’t we ? Even people in our churches. This kind of social engineering is also going on today by the evolving society and living tree interpretation of law and science. So many people are lied to in our pagan education establishments that they don’t know fact from fiction.

  5. Our Canadian education establishments and popular media can easily research Islam through the 114 Sura’s or chapters of the Quran. It is not rocket science. Then they would know for sure what Islam teaches instead of brainwashing the public with foolish opinions. This is what has happened to our politically correct, morally relative, liberal-minded schools and popular media !

    Many Canadians assume that Allah is just another name for God. This is due to the ignorance of the differences between the attributes of Allah of the Quran and Hadith and the God of the Bible and also due to the propaganda of Muslim evangelists and media who use the idea that Allah is just another name for God as an opportunity to convert Canadians to Islam.

    Zaid was Muhammad’s adopted son. Muhammad saw Zaid’s wife without her veil and lusted after her. Muhammad asked Zaid to divorce his wife and give her to him. They refused the outrageous request. Muhammad then had a “convenient” revelation from Allah which decreed that their is no evil in a father-in-law taking his daughter-in-law away from his own adopted son ! You can study this in Sura 33 : 36-38. This passage in the Quran has led many former Muslims to renounce Islam. Muhammad’s marriage to an eight-year old girl who was still playing with her dolls is recorded in the Hadith among other things.

    The Bible and the Quran are two competing documents that differ in their concept of deity. This fact cannot be overlooked just because it is not in conformity with the present liberal-minded popularity of religious relativism.

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