Barack “You Lie” Obama’s days are numbered.

2010.  Change. Like you wouldn’t believe!

And maybe this guy will be the GOP darkhorse.

And maybe, Obama is another sitting duck president. Might be 20 years before we see another Democrat in the White House after him.

And when we do, he’ll be pro-life.

One helluva tea party….

After the Tea Party…

After Obama’s Inauguration…

Says it all, doesn’t it?  Basically summarizes the approaches to life and politics.

2 thoughts on “Best!

  1. Some profamily politicians have spent a fortune trying to win a seat, and pass profamily Bills into Law to make CANADA a better place for children to grow old in. The pew warmers in church pat us on the back and tell us how like William Wilberforce we are, or was his name Wilber and then vote for the liberal-minded politicians.

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