Benedict’s Liturgical Boat Keeps Sailing

These disputes are often caused by reading into the Council’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy later ideas or enthusiasms, of differing merit, which are simply not there. For example, Mass facing the people, having the entire liturgy in the vernacular, communion in the hand, the introduction of altar girls and of extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion are commonplace now, but have nothing to do with the Council itself. Sometimes an appeal to the “spirit” of Vatican II is made to justify these later innovations, but this ignores the authoritative nature of the Council’s texts, dissipates their integrity and relativises them. (Source)

Sadly, in Ottawa, we were not given permission to discuss Vatican II and especially those topics above.  Too controversial. Might upset too many people.

In the Spirit of Vatican II Church, harmony, peace, and tranquility trumps truth, obedience, and beauty.

Not a positive experience for yours truly.  Not at all.

3 thoughts on “Benedict’s Liturgical Boat Keeps Sailing

  1. I am an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. I refused a couple of times but decided to accept because of the person who asked me I highly respected and knew he had the approval of the Pastor. My preference would have been to have had a man in my place. However, it is, indeed a huge privelege.

  2. It’s not a matter of a man or even a woman, Dureen. It’s a matter of ordinary vs. extraordinary. I use to be one myself in my younger years, than I stopped once I read up on when it is licit. There should really be no extraordinary ministers of holy communion, except in the most exceptional circumstances.

    My family does not receive from any layperson. In fact, if you look at the lines of Communion, the line for the priest is always much longer and near the end of Communion, there are still 15-20 people waiting to receive from the priest while the extra ordinary minister has no one. The Catholic sense is still alive.

  3. Some people do not want to follow traditional Catholic teaching.
    The readings on Gospel today were about following what God says NOT man.

    There are people who believed everything they wanted to after Vatican 11, and do not even take the time to ask the Holy Spirit what He is saying to them about this, or they would already know.

    I still receive dirty looks from many folk who think if you refuse to receive from extraordinary ministers you are wrong. They are the ones who are wrong, and I repeat it is not about following man or people pleasing.
    I remember Father Corapi Remember,… once a Priest, always a Priest..and we should be praying for this man as, Jesus and Mary would have us do), many years ago speaking on this during his talks regarding the Catechism and such and he was very adamant back then about the only time extraordinary ministers should be considered at all was when there is at least 500 parishioners receiving Communion.
    As far as I am concerned, it is just yet another abuse and change allowed that should never have been, just like some people always use the argument when I mention the painful to witness, and oh so and casual receiving of Holy Communion in the hands, and just how Our Blessed Lord iot handled instead of on the tongue, that “In the early days, that is how Christians received it.” So, in other words they use this argument (Is it correct, in the first place I ask them?) to attempt to justify their utter lack of reverence and acknowledgement of just WHOM they are receiving.

    Same goes for lack of kneeling in front of The Blessed Eucharists’ Holy Presence , Which Is of course…God Himself in Three Persons.
    When people treat God this way, it is often connected to a lack of just how serious and prevalent sin is one’s own life, or in general .
    The two are inextricably connected.
    Traditional reverence is not “show-offy” or “trendy”, and if that is why one partakes init is then do not adopt it for that reason for Heaven’s Sake !and confess it if you do!, BUT rather a deep love and reverence for God, and that is how it should be since HE deserves only that, form us Who He suffered and died for our of Love and because of His Mercy.

    I also believe that the reason one does not witness more joy
    or people partaking in joyful singing to the Lord could be because they have not completely confessed something in their life, prefer their own life, are concerned with pride, or do not know God’s True Presence in the form of His HOly Spirit.
    One can suffer all kinds of things for the sake of God and we should if we are too be truly like HIm and be very serious and traditional, yet be full of HIs Joy. It is after all a gift from Him, just like the amount of Grace He chooses to give out . It is ultimately up to how much we want to surrender.

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