Benedict the Reformer

In this whole sordid story or bribery, corruption, and abuse, Pope Benedict stands out as the man who is innocens manibus et mundo corde (Ps 23.4): his hands are innocent of bribes and his heart is pure. The reform of the Church in response to the scandals of the day include reform at every level. The Sacred Liturgy is far from irrelevant. If you sacrilegiously mess up what is most sacred, why should anything else remain untouched? If the doctrine of the faith can be cast into doubt, why should anyone respect the moral teaching? The world is essentially saying to us that we should live according to the moral teaching that is contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict, throughout his time as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and now as the Supreme Pontiff, has pursued reform in all of these areas and, as the NCR story shows clearly, he has exercised determination to rid the Church of the filth which shames us. He deserves our wholehearted support, our fervent prayers, our penances offered in solidarity, and our loyal acceptance of any necessary reforms in liturgy, doctrine, morals, and asceticism that he judges fit to impose.

You go, Holy Father, clean house…we’re right behind you. 

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