Benedict Snubs Pro-Gay “Marriage” Politician

Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, has been banned from meeting the Pope because of proposals to redefine marriage. Mr Salmond had hoped to put himself on the world stage by meeting the Pope at the Vatican ahead of a Scottish referendum on independence. But Roman Catholic leaders blocked the move because the meeting would have sent out the “wrong message”, given Mr Salmond’s position on gay marriage…(Source)

The proverbial gloves are coming off.  Long live this Pope.  The Gospel, it appears, is more important than diplomacy, thanks be to God.  I have forseen this coming for a long time.  Be prepared, folks, because the next Pope will not be able to travel to many Western countries in the future.

Dark days are ahead.  But they are, paradoxically, days of hope too.  The old glad-handling, back-slapping institutional structures within the Church which have smothered the Gospel of Jesus Christ are being swept away and destroyed. Purification is the order of the day, and it can’t come soon enough.

The Catholic Church is becoming Catholic again!

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