Benedict Cracks Down on Medjugorje

Note:  Apologies to readers…the article linked below is from 2008.  However, the caution still remains…

Money and sex

What else is new?

Warning to readers:  don’t put your trust in superstar preachers or unapproved shrines or alleged seers. Put your trust in the Pope and in the Church’s infallible teaching and then live by it.  Everything  else is, or very well could be, bullkaka.

God Bless Benedict.  He’s proving to be “nobody’s fool”.

19 thoughts on “Benedict Cracks Down on Medjugorje

  1. Here’s another rule of thumb: if any enterprise involves disobedience to the bishop, no matter how bad the bishop and how good the people involved: run and don’t look back!

    Disobedience is the deal breaker. Our Lord and Lady would never countenance that, period, no matter how wrong the bishop might be. St. Teresa of Avila ended up in the Inquisition, but she never dreamed of questioning the bishop’s right to put her there.

  2. Thanks for the courtesy of an apology. Your dated item re Tomislav Vlasic is designed to mislead, not by you I may add, hence your apology.

    I certainly concur that Benedict is “nobody’s fool”. That’s why he set up a Vatican Commission of enquiry just over a year ago to give further study to the Medjugorje phenomenon. And it seems he is in no rush to pronounce a judgement. Thirty years and still not a “no-no” from Rome on Medjugorje. I guess Medjugorje can’t that much of a danger to the faith and morals of the faithful when Rome is in no rush to close it down.

    BTW, it was Vlasic himself that personally requested laicisation, not Rome.


  3. My mother visited Madjugorje a couple of times. However, I am not drawn to go there. I think of the
    question about why go to see a reed blowing in the wind . . . We have everything right here at our

  4. Interesting though that the column makes it look like that Catholics are not allowed to go to the shrine. Did Cardinal Ratzinger ban Catholics or not? If so, is the ban still in effect??? Anyone?

  5. When Our Blessed Mother Mary appeared to me (and it was approved and affirmed by a Catholic Priest by the way), it was just a continuation of the beautiful and Blessed graces and love she was showing to me. I was already praying my Rosary non stop in those days, because I returned to my faith in such a different and more profound way. It was all God’s grace and I prayed my Rosary while in the hospital after my burns as well as the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

    Although I don’t judge people who talk about what peace and graces they say they have received from their pilgrimages to this shrine, when asking Mary in prayer one day, about it, She said I could have just as beautiful relationship and experiences in knowing her, without having to go anywhere outside where I live.

    That goes for Jesus as well, in fact very definitely.

    I have nothing against pilgrimages, and I make sure I don’t assume that I know where God and Our Lady deem they will meet us their children, I just know that it depends first and foremost on our hearts disposition that determines what graces we receive.

    Even “obedience” issues in the Church must be properly
    discerned, as it is the free masons who are in the Vatican now in certain high places and have clearly stated
    that they would use that very term to
    deceive and confuse the Faithful.

    In the end , it is one’s own life that our Lord will judge, and true obedience will come in a pure unadulterated relationship with Jesus, because Mary and Our Blessed Lord Himself, through His Holy Spirit will lead us to it, and we will desire it, and it will be in accordance with His Church.

    Do not be deceived
    We will be judged on how we how WE loved, PERIOD. Not on this
    opinion or that opinion but did we love as in Corinthians 13.
    I recently finished a book called “Struck By Lightning “by Gloria Polo, who is approved by the Bishop in Columbia to give her remarkable testimony, and it details what she went through in her encounter with Jesus when He appeared to her, with her and why she was given
    a second chance because at first she did not accept His Mercy when he offered it to her on her deathbed.

    What struck me was not Jesus and Our Blessed Mother
    Mary’s involvement praying and prostrating on Gloria’s behalf, it was that upon showing Gloria her book of life,
    (she thought she was a saint and a good person because she gave out of abundance for example,) It was Him showing her the sins of omission-which He will show us first – for example when we could have been kind, smiled at another, but chose to judge, or not be courteous, even a mean look, or an unkind work a snub, (all from pride, I might add), He showed her how it hurt His heart, and He shoed her the peole she did this too, cause they will all be there, every person we have gossiped about (murder of character, the sins of detraction etc.) We will see it all, because now we choose to justifym, rationalized, minimize, lie and deny our prideful ways,
    when we put ourselves first, when we sought “recognition”,( for example, one could even say the silly comparison of how many people look at one’s personal blog I mean come on, if that is not an ego thing what is?-no offense intended to Catholic blogs- if they are solely imparting Gods’ Truth, which is all God cares about, in a humble and loving manner.

    Vitrol can be hidden beneath every vitreous act, if the dark nature resulting in sarcasm or lack of humility and impatience boil up from the very bottom of one’s heart, and we are meant o see that our hearts are not as pure as we would have others think or we think. We have blackened un- childlike hearts, because pure and simply, we have abandoned humility, in favour of “knowledge”. Knowledge is good and has its place, but children do not think in such a manner, and also children trust God, and don’;t busy themselves with this or that that crowds out the main thing. It is self that is angered, and we don’t admit we are all lost children, and He is in control and allows what He allows and KNOWS exactly what He is accomplishing
    in this world. God says over and over to not worry and fret.

    We are to busy ourselves with the challenge of Loving as He does and in a humble joyous, manner that accepts what even one does not understand in the light of the fact we are His children. We are to busy ourselves with the Corporal works of Mercy, but mostly are to remain humble, meek and always to be loving others before ourselves and even our own little families.

    I once showed a man who considered himself to be a songwriter, a poem- song I had writen for Our Lord after He saved me from my fire and changed my life, and he dismissed it in a condescending manner with some remark like that is ” cute” or something, probably because it was childlike in its simplicity of love and endless gratitude.
    It did not bother me, though, it was after all my love song for Jesus and what he though meant nothing in comparison to what Jesus and my Holy Spriit thought. and a Priest later told me, when I questioned him about my walk with Jesus and how I just wanted to say endless” I love You!, and I adore You! and Thank You!, over and over again. “You have it… that is everything!. Now I just need to live it by living Corinthians 13, and receiving and growing in Gods’ awesome Grace
    and through the Blessed Intercession of Our Most Holy Mother Mary, and also Good St. Joseph and all the Saints and Angels and the Whole Catholic Church for giving me the privilege of learning and living my Faith, one day at a time, in the world as it is, not as I would have it. Talent, (prayer, meditation, devotions) are developed in solitude,
    Character (the forming of Christlike character), is formed amongst others and in our broken world. We get off track
    at times, and forget, that we need to be concerned only in doing Gods personal Will in our lives, and we think we know better Gods’ plan and Will for others.

    That is arrogance on our part and we are guilty of trying to play God, we must be very careful and remember, we see through a glass darkly, only when we meet Jesus will we see everything in His Blessed, Holy, Eternal Light.

    To sum up, it is about how I LIVE and Lived Jesus is interested in, and how I respond and responded to the challenges sent to me personally from Him to sanctify ME and ME ALONE.

    That is all I need to be concerned with, and believe me it is enough.

    In Jesus and Mary

  6. To Suzanne: Your comments are confusing to say the least and even to the point of being bizarre.
    “If any enterprise involves disobedience to the bishop, no matter how bad the bishop and how good the people involved: run and don’t look back!”

    I hope I am only lacking the true meaning, but it appears you are promoting obedience no matter how bad a bishop or leader can be? May I ask, if the devil wore a bishops hat and a robe would you suggest following him? (After all, the devil can disguise himself as “an angel of light”)

    My apologies if I misunderstood your intent, but if I am correct in my assumption, we, meaning Christendom are in big trouble.

  7. Sean, there’s no ban for pilgrims and never was one. Read the link above to Mark Mallet’s blog above to get the details.

  8. From a reader….







    —————————- Original Message —————————-
    Subject: Re: See article – what do you think?
    Date: Mon, July 11, 2011 22:05

    Full of nonsense, misreporting and old news.
    Fr. Vlasic’s priestly faculties were suspended in 2008 and has been
    independent of Medjugorje since 1988.
    Simon Caldwell is up to his old tricks of trying to smear Medjugorje
    — he has spread the same lies over and over again in the same
    publication and others who share his view of the apparitions.
    Notice that they have suspended comments — to save their journalistic
    behinds because they are afraid to be corrected.
    I wrote a comment this morning in response to the same but abridged
    article (unsigned) in (I reproduce it below.) At the
    time I didn’t know who the author was.
    Simon Caldwell is a coward who does not want to subject himself to
    journalistic scrutiny. He doesn’t sign his name to articles, and when
    he does, forbids comments from readers. Apparently, they don’t care
    whether what they publish is true or not.
    So much for British journalism.

    Who wrote this piece?
    It is full of errors and misleading statements.
    First, Pope Benedict did not begin a “crackdown” on Medjugorje. In
    fact, he just established an International Commission to investigate
    the reported apparitions last year. By the way, contrary to your
    claim, the investigation of Fr. Vlasic had NOTHING to do with
    Medjugorje, which is a separate issue.
    Secondly, Mary did not call Fr. Vlasic a “living saint.” You are
    confusing Fr. Vlasic with Fr. Jozo Zovko. Also, Fr. Vlasic was never
    appointed spiritual director of the visionaries according to Fr. Ivan
    Sesar, Provincial of the Herzegovinian Franciscan Fathers and former
    pastor of St. James Church, Medjugorje.
    Thirdly, Fr. Vlasic voluntarily left Medjugorje in 1988 to start his
    own community.
    How can you can tie the reported apparitions to Fr.
    Vlasic, who has had nothing to do with Medjugorje for 25 years?
    Fourth, this is an old story. Fr. Vlasic was suspended by the Vatican
    in 2008.
    Please get your facts straight before writing next time.

  9. Regardless of smearing the facts here, the interesting thing of the visionary kids, now adults, owning nice houses and properties to me says enough something smells fishy. None of the other recipients of the Marian apparitions (e.g. Fatima, Akita) have ever profitted materially from their encounters. Let us Pray Benedict delivers to us a speedy analysis so as to determine whether this is true or the Devil had deceived us majorly once and for all!

  10. Thanks Andy, I read Mark’s post on this. I was confused because the Daily Mail article that John posted stated that Cardinal Ratzinger banned pilgrimages in 1986.

    So, the Daily Mail was lying then????

  11. It is unfortunate that people must sling boulders at one another in order to put a message across. As someone said somewhere, if Medjugorje is of God, it will survive.

  12. With respect to Mark Mallett, some of his facts are second hand. For example, the quote attributed to Mother Teresa came through Denis Nolan. Likewise a quote attributed to JP II which came through Archbishop Benites. To me, that’s not good enough. Show me the original publication, not hearsay.

    More importantly, Mark leaves out many inconvenient facts that were reported by the local bishop in the first decade of the phenomenon. I recommend that everybody go read the observations written in 1990 by the previous Bishop of Mostar, Pavao Zanic, following his investigation. You can read it directly on the website of the Diocese of Mostar:

    While the verdict on Medjugorje has been taken out of the local bishop’s hands, the observations of the previous bishop cannot be ignored. What you’ll find in his report is a litany of disobedience, lies, cover-ups and doctrinal errors. But the real clincher is the mistakes made by “Our Lady” about a problematic priest named Ivica Vego. Due to his disobedience, by an order of John Paul II he was thrown out of the Franciscans, dispensed from his vows and suspended. He did not obey this order and he continued to celebrate Mass, distribute the sacraments and pass the time with his mistress (a nun at the time). “Our Lady” told one of the visionaries on 13 occasions that this man was innocent of the accusations being made against him. Innocent? The man went on to have at least two children with his mistress! Those children are tangible proof that he indeed had an extended relationship with this nun. They both eventually left Medjugorje and lived together in a nearby town.

    Folks, the Mother of God can’t be wrong on basic facts.

    “Our Lady” also told the seer that Vego could ignore the orders of the Pope and the local bishop and continue celebrating the sacraments. The Mother of God would never encourage disobedience.

    So clearly there are many bad fruits mixed with the good fruits.

  13. Sean, to answer your question: yes, the local bishops of Yugoslavia FORBADE pilgrimages to Medjugorje in 1984 and again in 1987:

    I don’t know if they ever lifted this interdict.

    The quotes put forth by Mark Mallett on this matter relate to private or lay-organized pilgrimages to Medjugorje. I’m not sure what the nuance is, but it strikes me that if a Canadian diocese is advertising a pilgrimage to Medjugorje on the diocesan website (I’ve seen them) then that doesn’t strike me as either private or lay-organized.

    I personally wouldn’t go out of respect for the local bishop.

  14. Thank you John and Steve, I do appreciate you taking the time in answering my questions and giving a critical analysis of the situation. This helps me.

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