Bella leaves pro-aborts in the dust…

Bella, the movie, which already has reported the highest per screen performance, now is being ranked at the top of several movie ratings sites, including Yahoo, the No. 1 web portal.Yahoo shows Bella ranked No. 1 among top rated movies in theaters, as well as No. 11 among all time movies, beating out Forrest Gump, Return of the Jedi and Braveheart.It’s also listed atop fan ratings at Fandango, and has the highest user rating of any film of Rotten Tomatoes at 96 percent.

That’s ranked higher than Life is Beautiful, Chariots of Fire, Hotel Rwanda, American Beauty and other winners of the Peoples Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, officials said.

Likewise, it’s YouTube trailer has been a hit, with more than 20,000 views. As WND reported, after last weekend it reported a gross of $1.3 million on only 165 screens, and on Sunday, the movie generated the highest average box office per screen, and it was No. 2 for the entire weekend, despite competing with other projects that occupied from 3,000-4,000 screens, officials said.

“In the season of horror films, Bella’s heartwarming true story offered a light in the darkness for audiences who helped turn their limited release into the No. 1 film for average box office revenue per screen,” according to a statement from supporters.

They said Bella grossed “an amazing” $1.3 million and the per screen average for the weekend was more than $8,000, the second highest for all films over the weekend.

The project was given the American By Choice Award and honored by the Department of Citizenship at the White House, even though it had been given a pass by all of the majors in the industry, prompting the makers to do their own financing and promotion.

Their work has been rewarded with multiple honors, including the Heartland Film Festival’s Crystal heart Award; Toronto’s top prize, the Peoples Choice Award which often is considered a bellwether for Oscar contention; the Legacy Award from the Smithsonian for its positive contribution to arts and culture, and the Tony Bennett Media Excellence Award, among others.

“The secret to Bella’s opening weekend was the passion and persistence of the first-time filmmakers and the organic support of thousands of people who pre-purchased tickets and adopted entire theaters on opening weekend,” according to a statement from supporters.

“Bella’s grass roots success is largely due to the zealous support by Latinos and the faith community who are starving for positive stories that celebrate the Latino culture and the power of family, friendship and love,” they said.

Officials said Bella had the No. 1 highest per screen average in America on Sunday, even though most films see a decline in ticket sales of 40 percent to 50 percent from Saturday to Sunday.

They also said Bella broke records set by other Latino themed films opening this year, including El Cantante starring Jennifer Lopez, and it finished in the Top 20 films for total gross despite having the fewest number of screens by a vast margin (165 vs. 3,000-4,000)….  (Source)

Abortion is going down. It is a defeat for humanity. It is a defeat for our society. It is a defeat, period.

Everyone deserves better than abortion. Every woman, every man, and certainly every baby.

Hollywood has used the big screen to corrupt our culture for decades now. How fitting that that same screen would be used to resurrect our culture and make the pro-abort king pins in tinsel town look like fools. They were looking like financial idiots when they turned down The Passion and they will be looking like idiots after the dust settles here too. And they say there is no God. Bah.

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