Bella is Bellissima

This past Friday, my wife and I had a chance to take in the much anticipated pro-life film, Bella

I simply cannot recommend this movie enough.  It features great acting, a quick plot, a credible story line, and a robust family humour.

It’s a beautiful story of how life and love can triumph even after disaster strikes two lives.  Bella was purported to be a pro-life movie, and although it certainly had pro-life undertones, it really never did condemn abortion.  But, in a devastating and honest way, it has done what a thousand years of conventional pro-life activism could never do: make substantial inroads into undercutting the so-called “choice” of abortion.

One of its purposes was to tell a story of how women find themselves in the position where abortion seems to be the only real alternative.  No family, few friends, and little support.  It’s not hard to see why so many women choose abortion today.  They only support they seem to get  is a drive to the clinic from the boyfriend to ensure the correct “choice” is made.  And it’s important for all of us in the great divide to admit that these problems exist.  The controversy surrounding this issue is not abortion per se but rather the lack of support women have who get pregnant.  Very few women actually choose abortion. They are forced into it because there is no support for them; there is no love for them; there is no sacrifice for them. And that’s what this film really hits home, although in a very subtle and hidden way. 

The solution that Bella offers is not to get into the whole “choice vs. life” polemic, but simply to deftly sidestep the conventional portrayal of the debate, and provide a solution through one man’s love and how his sacrifice was able to conquer abortion by the sacrifice of his own life.  For me, speaking personally as a man, as a father, and husband, this movie was about the redemption of men.  It showed how one man’s extraordinary sacrifice to love a woman and her unborn child (who was conceived by another man) can change not only three lives but also those generations who would follow because of his decision.  It also showed the price that must be paid to reverse an incredible evil.

There is no “free lunch” in the battle against abortion.  If we think that the battle is going to be won merely by political maneuvers and legal strategies, we are a rather stupid people.  Evil cannot be defeated on paper; it has to be won in and through the flesh and through extraordinary sacrifice made by individuals, and, particularly, by men.  This film was effective because it showed what would happen if men started to give and sacrifice for women instead of using and taking from them.

No woman really chooses abortion.  And as this film makes so perfectly clear: men will decide, one way or another, whether abortion continues.  It’s really that simple.

Bella. Go see it. It’s about sacrifice, redemption, and life.

Rating 4 out of 5:    

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