Bell muscles Sun News out of its network

Can’t say I’m surprised by this:

OTTAWA – The operators of Sun News Network filed a complaint Friday with Canada’s broadcast regulator against Bell Canada.

The complaint alleges Bell gave the all-news networks it owns — CTV News Channel, CP24, and Business News Network — “undue preference” and put the fledgling Sun News Network at “undue disadvantage” in their carriage fee disagreement.

Luc Lavoie, head of development for Sun News, says Bell has refused to treat Sun News Network the same way it and other television distributors treat all news channels.

“Could it be because we’re competition?” asked Lavoie. “Are they afraid of us? And is it acceptable in Canada that they give themselves preferential treatment? It goes against all the concepts of regulatory affairs in Canada.”

The complaint filed with the CRTC says even though Sun News asked to be paid a carriage fee that is less than what Bell’s all-news outlets charge, Bell still considered the fee excessive. (Source)

As a result of this disagreement, Sun News asked Bell to stop broadcasting their signal.

Remember that this comes on the heels of Bell removing EWTN from its lineup.

Funny coincidence, eh? It seems that Bell doesn’t like conservative-minded TV networks. What does that say about them feeling comfortable in keeping Salt and Light in their lineup?

Here’s the email I just sent to the executive office at Bell to complain ( I also copied the CRTC ( and the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council ( Most importantly, I copied the Minister of Industry at and Trust me, your complaint will get much more attention if you copy the Minister.

Dear Sir or Madam,

As a Bell subscriber, I was extremely disappointed by your decision to remove EWTN from your list of available channels a few weeks ago.

Now I’ve learned that you have discriminated against Sun News in your carriage fees.

I’m not impressed at how you are suppressing networks that do not conform to your ideological leanings.

Unless this is rectified soon, I will be switching both my TV and Internet services to another company.


2 thoughts on “Bell muscles Sun News out of its network

  1. I worked in their tech support for 3.5 years. As far as I’ve seen – Bell is the worst. If it hadn’t been for them holding a near-monopoly on the infrastructure (and the related government subsidies) they would have gone out of business long ago.

  2. Hi Leonard,

    I totally agree that Bell is really bad. I’ve only been their customer for about 6 week (I got sucked in by a really good discount) and I’ve already had my Internet stop working twice, my cable TV stopped working once, they got my billing wrong and they forgot to give me my bundle discounts. All this in 6 weeks. Good grief, why did I ever switch.

    When you look at their rating by the Better Business Bureau, Bell gets and “F” due to so many complaints.

    I recommend our readers to go elsewhere. Actually, our readers have already figured it out. As I check our web statistics, we get info on which internet service provider each person uses. Few are with Bell.

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