Belinda’s Eruptions

On Sunday September 24 around 1pm, CFRA 580 News Talk Radio here in Ottawa aired an audio clip of Belinda Stronach being interviewed in one of those Parliamentary scrums late last week.

Describing the pro-life and pro-family women’s group Stronach said, “This is a group that is anti-choice, anti-gay, does not support equality for women and wants to obliterate the Department on the Status of Women. This group’s website even has links to sites that suggest that day cares do not care and homosexuality is a psychological disorder.”

Actually, it is a psychological disorder, Belinda, and more and more psychologists are removing their support from the APA’s 1973 political move to remove homosexuality as a disorder.

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, August 29, 2006 ( –President of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Gerald P. Koocher, broke with the APA’s long-held stance against homosexual re-orientation therapy earlier this month, saying the organization would support psychological therapy for those experiencing unwanted homosexual attractions, the National Association for the Therapy and Treatment of Homosexuality (NARTH) reported.

Speaking of government funding for women’s groups such as REAL Women Canada which are pro-life, Stronach said, “They should be rejected because they’re anti-choice and they’re also anti-equal rights. They don’t support equality.”

I see.

So, let me get this straight, you don’t think that a Canadian woman who does not share your views on abortion or gay “marriage” should have a say in the agency which purportedly represents all women in Canada and tries to ensure the equality of women?

So what you are telling us, Belinda, is that some women are more equal than others. Correct?

That deserves some serious applause. Let’s give it to her everyone. Well, done Belinda. You sure are a shrewd feminist-politician, Belinda, I’ll grant you that.

Ladies and gentlemen, if Belinda Stronach is the product of what the Status of Women is trying to sell Canadian women, we have nothing to fear except ensuring she gets maximum press coverage for her views.

Just step right up to the microphone Belinda and just let it out, baby. You don’t need Paul Martin or Stephen Harper to be a star. You can do it all on your own. Sing it to the rooftops and be proud of yourself.

“My Canada excludes women who don’t think like me.”

You go girl!

One thought on “Belinda’s Eruptions

  1. This woman is speaking for feminists?

    The woman who got her money and job from daddy?

    The woman who dropped out of university?

    The woman who bought her way into politics?

    Not a very credible spokesperson for feminism, if you ask me.

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