Because Mass is not about the priest

…that’s why you wouldn’t know that that’s Cardinal Raymond Burke as the Main Celebrant.

At these kind of Masses, they don’t clap when a visiting priest assists at Mass.  No introduction for them.   At these Masses, they really don’t care who shows up.  No happy, clappy, sappy warm and fuzzy welcome for them.

There’s something very good about a priest whose back is towards you when he offers the Mass, and you really don’t know who he is.

It’s not so much that he doesn’t care that you can’t “relate” to him, although, admittedly, that’s a good thing.  It’s just that, he’s pointing to Jesus Christ and his posture and his backside tells you that as well.

If someone has his back to you and really doesn’t want to engage you in a conversation, it’s not necessarily about being rude.  He just wants you to figure out that maybe there’s something more important that he’s doing and you should pay attention.  He really doesn’t want to look at you, and laugh and smile and crack jokes and clap and engage in the rest of the Gong show.  He’s got serious business to get on with.  Jokes and laughs and the rest of the circus are, for the most part,  AFTER Mass.

That’s why a lot of professionals in the Church don’t like this kind of Mass.  You can’t see the priests’ faces.  It’s not really about them and the performance.  And the Professionals don’t like that because they thought the Mass was about them and the performance, but it’s not really about them, but Him.

Do you really think there would be a clamour for women to become priests if this Mass was reinstituted in the Latin rite as the ordinary form?  I don’t think so.  Because this kind of Mass doesn’t give the priest the power and the prestige that the Novus Ordo can and does.  There’s no game to be had here.  There’s no “hunt” on for the Feminists.  It’s just boring. Just a function.  There’s no show. No clapping. No entertainment. Less room to maneuver so everyone can see how clever and witty the priest is when he intersperses his commentary and inserts his novelties.  It’s not about self-actualization and being “the presider”.

This kind of Mass squeezes out improv and self importance.  It makes it about Sacrifice and not Entertainment.  Kind of like sex, too, if you think about it.  Here’s a prediction:  when real liturgical reform happens, the proper understanding of sex will follow too.  That’s a crazy idea, I know, but just remember you read it here when it happens.

As they say, lex orandi, lex credendi.

4 thoughts on “Because Mass is not about the priest

  1. I think I am ready for a return to this kind of Mass. I am fed up with the clapping at our church, every Sunday for whoever does the music, for whoever made a joke during an announcement. Too much about being entertained.

  2. Julie you can start right now by finding your local, VALID AND LEGAL diocesan TLM (SSPX is valid but illegal and can lead to an attitude of schism) and ditching your old parish for that one. Just don’t forget to take your tithing ($) with you to the new parish with the TLM. Move with your feet and wallet and that will send a strong message to your diocese that people want this!

  3. When I returned profoundly to my Catholic Faith and after a very serious contrition, I KNEW it was all about my gratitude to God for sending me Jesus, and I only wanted to kneel, prostrate bow before HIM in adoration. Of course I was happy to do this alongside other followers in the Church during the Mass, but I was never content or felt right talking, laughing, chatting of any nature whispering, etc, and the big one looking at other people.

    I was there for Him and All the Mass is. It is very clear there is a Church basement or Hall AFTERWARDS to say niceties or engage in fellowship. The MASS is meant to be taken seriously.

    I cannot stand the fact, people are walking around , up and down,going back and forth to the bathroom, scorning you if you don’t laugh and clap along with them, and people leave BEFORE the Mass is over all the time, never mind arriving late (which I have been guilty of, but I nearly always make sure I attend another Mass later in the day, if I have missed the Liturgy, Readings and moist importantly the Gospel.) The Beauty of the Mass the awesome , unmeasured Sanctity of The Mass and What takes place during Mass has been watered down.
    As for turning toward Christ , I have loved the Latin Mass since I returned and used to attend St. Clement’s in Ottawa

    I never wanted to be part of the Music Ministry, although I was asked to because I want to sing to Jesus by looking at Him in His Tabernacle and In His Real Presence. often Music Ministry are looking at the Congregation, when I believe they were once hidden or up somewhere in the back. The whole idea of Music worship should be the heart poured out for Him Who Died for us.When I enter a Church for Mass I am there ultimately to commune with Him, and I am to speak later with my fellows in Christ. It does not mean I necessarily snub people. I just do not engage in idle talk and make it about me, because it IS NOT.

    There is so little Reverence for Who and What is taking place in Mass . People are so noisy sometimes, one cannot hear the Word.

    I was also instructed, and it makes sense if I am not trying to make it all about me, that if I do come in late, to try to sit at the back and make as little noise possible so as not to disturb the Mass.

    People who insist on rushing up to the Front can only want people to think that “they” are special because they are up front, and do not realize it only says, that the individual cares less about the Reverence of the Mass and more about being noticed for rushing up to the Front. Is this not about remaining small
    and making room for Him.?
    I do believe , however when the Priest says for us to say Peace to our fellow Worshiper during Mass (meant to be a sign of reconciliation with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ , it is meant to be done in a warm manner, and for me Gods Love through me conveys a smiling, acknowledgment that I am glad they are there, at Mass, alongside me to partake in the Profound
    event we are privileged to give thanks for.

    There are far too many angry, crabby Catholics and Christians, who obviously do not know the Love of Christ. There is a saying that goes,-” if you have the Love of Christ in your heart, would you mind informing your face.”

    I do not believe in fake “nice” happy, clappy folk who are not genuine at Mass, but then these people are everywhere, so I cannot judge people for being happy, if God has touched their hearts and brought a genuine joy that exudes, and maybe it is genuine, better that than some scrunched up miserable looking unfriendly face (and there are plenty of them…usually a result of judging others, me thinks,
    or there is what I call the “sin ” cough or loud clearing of the throat, done by the people who often are doing nothing but judging everyone themselves, watching every minute thing others do, and deciding if it ranks as authentic Worship. I call these people the Church police. It would do better if they went to Confession and repented of thinking they know everything, and begged Gods’ forgiveness and a good shot of Humility, because as it was said “BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD GO I”

    I do know that some very kind, loving people DID indeed welcome me with the Love of Christ afterwards, downstairs, and these very same people who were genuine, in their love and welcome emit Christs’ love and kindness consistently and not conditionally. That to me is the sign of a true Catholic, AND a Christian. God loves us AS we are , not by what we do or don’t do, and His Love does not waver, nor should ours for one another, if we are true Christians.

    In Him
    Who Gave me
    back my Life
    when I thought
    it was too late.

    Thank You Lord God and Blessed Mother Mary for making me brand new in YOU. Please keep me like a little child. Little children are usually happy and joyful in their Fathers arms and sing often not caring who sees, and depend on the Daddy (and Mommy) for everything, realizing without them they are lost.

  4. @ Young Canadian: That’s easier said than done is some dioceses. We in Antigonish have no Diocesan TLM. We did for a short period and it was then cancelled with no reason given that I am aware of.

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