Beating Back the Death Pushers

For all of those who seek to dehumanize, destroy, and murder innocent persons, we defy, we oppose, and we rebuke you.

The vicious assault on the human person today masquerades as the campaign for so-called “human rights” – the “right to abortion” and the “right to die” being the chief of these lies. They are not rights at all.

The pimps of the culture of death, these heartless death¬†peddlers,¬†seek to couch their language in terms of freedom and compassion when all they are really doing is destroying another human being so they may live as they wish. If you don’t think so, ask anyone of them if they would still feel the way they do if the sacrifice required of them was lifted. It’s not about alleviating the other’s suffering at all. It’s about alleviating one’s own at the expense of another’s. That’s the hard truth about the whole assisted suicide movement. It’s a sham compassion hiding egoism.

Every human being is created in God’s own image as a reflection of His love and goodness.

Watch this video and you will see that love and dignity are demonstrated in its abundance.

We will never forget Tracy Latimer. We will never give up the fight for human dignity. We will never stop defending and speaking out in defense of people with disabilities.

We shall overcome the barbarians. We will.

One thought on “Beating Back the Death Pushers

  1. To live for Christ is life for us. To live according to Charles Darwin or Alfred Kinsey is slow death for our Canada. Liberalism is killing our most vulnerable citizens, and our children are being indoctrinated in it from elementary school through university. It is protected by blasphemy laws. I was also infected once, but thanks to professor De Lundra that he cured me. This liberalism has infected a lot of people through our education establishments. It reminds me of the zombies in that old movie,”Night of The Living Dead.” Perhaps we can cure some with the love of Christ.

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