Beastie Boys

The European Court of Human Rights has agreed to a preliminary hearing to determine whether chimpanzees are entitled to the legal status and protections granted to human beings.The action is being sponsored by the Association Against Animal Factories, an activist group based in Vienna. Eberhart Theuer, the group’s legal advisor says, “This case is about the fundamental question: Who is the bearer of human rights? Who is a person according to the European Human Rights Charter?”

At the center of the case is Hiasl, a 26-year old chimpanzee now called Matthew by his keeper, Briton Paula Stibbe. Matthew currently shares a shelter with another chimpanzee named Rosi in the town of Voesendorf, outside of Austria. Their upkeep runs nearly $8,000 a month and the shelter recently filed for bankruptcy.

Donors have stepped in to offer assistance, but Stibbe says only official status as a human can permanently prevent Matthew from being transferred out of Austria. That status would force the state to appoint a guardian to look after his status, and presumably also entitle him to government assistance for upkeep.

A win for the group could have sweeping ramifications for the entire European, with legal precedent existing for apes — and possibly other animals — to receive the rights, protections, and even medical, financial, and social benefits of human beings.

A lower court dismissed the original case without directly addressing whether or not an ape could legally be adjudged a human. So Miss Stibbe and the AAAF appealed directly to the European Court of Human Rights, which has agreed to a preliminary hearing.

Miss Stibbe says, “Since he has no close relatives, I am doing this as the person closest to him.” She says she also plans to legally adopt Matthew as well.” (Source)

This would explain the nature of our current Human Rights Commissions. After all, they’re not referred to as Kangaroo Kourts for no reason.

By the way, if you are wondering why this particular push is happening right now, it’s all about the sex.

Once they can get animals declared as “persons”, then the logical consequence is that society will have to recognize marriage between a man-person and his “horse-person” bride.

Remember, the reason this is happening is because you use condoms and birth control pills. 

Sterile sex is leading to a lot of nasty consequences.

Repent. Today. Before it’s too late.

Practise natural sex and save western civilization.

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  1. This is from professor De Lundra and I think it ought to be studied by all concerned Canadian citizens. This is some of what is going on in our education establisments. Philosophy professor James Rachels book, ” Created From Animals,” is one of many similar university textbooks. One professor wears a teashirt with ,” Animals are people too”, on the front and back.

    Teachers warn of Propaganda Peril in B.C. Schools

    The new program carries an implication that BC schools will encourage homosexual practices in schools. The teachers compare it to an angel food cake which contains a poison pill. ” Every subject is to promote awareness and understanding of the diversity that exists in our society ”. Of course we are all “diverse”: no two of us normally have the same DNA to begin with. But the word also includes criminals of all stripes.

    Young folk like to join all sorts of groups; but they also like to avoid groups or individuals for any reason they wish. We can only guess where the Liberal government we elected is leading us, but this warning should not be taken lightly.

    If a group is not given a goal to seek, it will make one of its own. This results in gangs forming in the schools, with objectives that may not be desirable. Whatever the school does, the student will develop intellectually. He will be empowered, and that power may be used for good or evil. If the school doesn’t teach him which is which we have an educated psychopath.

    Christians, they tell us are bigots who try to enforce their “morality” on others. In fact, the reverse is true. Who are the people who say: “You do your thing and I do mine?” But what if “mine” is to injure you in some way?

    Suppose a student becomes a high-powered neuro-surgeon. He’s got a scalpel and a patient; he can kill or cure that patient, depending on how he uses the scalpel. He must know how to kill, so that he doesn’t do it unintentionally. How would you like to be the patient, if that guy in spite of all his knowledge, didn’t know right from wrong?

    For further information go to

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