Be Happy and Shut Up

CHICAGO April 18 (UPI) — A federal judge in Chicago has upheld a suburban high school’s ban on clothing with anti-gay slogans.

The Alliance Defense Fund had asked U.S. District Judge William T. Hart for a preliminary injunction allowing a Neuqua Valley High School student to wear a shirt saying “Be Happy, Not Gay” as part of a national effort Thursday to publicly oppose homosexual behavior, the Chicago Tribune reported.

A civil lawsuit was filed against the school after it banned Heidi Zamecnik of Naperville, Ill., from wearing the shirt last year.

The newspaper said the school district was willing to allow the students alternatives such as “Be Happy, Be Straight” but said the phrase “Be Happy, Not Gay” was like saying “Be Happy, Not Christian.”



Somebody should tell the school district that “Be Happy, Not Christian” is protected by the First Amendment JUST LIKE “Be Happy, Not Gay” is.


The left has to understand the idea of reciprocity in debate…but I guess that’s just an assumption on my part. The fact is that the Left doesn’t want to respect reciprocity because they are not interested in debate. They want Sodom to jackboot everyone into submission or else!

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