Be all you can be

The U.S. Army didn’t invent that slogan. They stole it from God (Matthew 5:48)

Christians should be the most dedicated people in any function. The Saints understood this:

To be perfect in our vocation is nothing else than to fulfil the duties which our state of life obliges us to perform, and to accomplish them well, and only for the honor and love of God.

–St. Francis de Sales

h/t Suzanne at The Catholic Breadbox

One thought on “Be all you can be

  1. We all fall short of this because of the fall, but this ought to be our goal as a way of life. Mentors of the likes of Professor’s Tom Landers and Walter Szetela and friends have led us to victory, and shown us how we can win the Culture War we find ourselves in. To teach morality absent from Jesus is to place on children a burden they were never intended to bear in a world that constantly changes its definitions of truth.

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