Battle Turning Our Way

Folks, as we look around today, we see the pro-abortion forces having the upper hand in so many ways.  But just like the calm before the storm, this is largely an illusory phenomenon. The real thing to look for is the momentum and the trajectory.  I liken this situation to a game where you see one team winning by a fairly comfortable margin, but then you notice that the losing team has started to put the pressure on and you get the feeling that it’s just a matter of time before they pop a few goals in and start to overtake their opponent.

It’s the same thing here. For 40 years, the pro-aborts have had the run of the place. But now, we’re starting to shake things up and our opponents don’t like it much. They like the status quo. They don’t want us disturbing their sacred cows.    Well, the cows are now starting to get restless because they know that they’re going to be steak on the pro-life plate in the not too distant future.

1. Development & Peace

2. Catholic Campaign for Human Development

3. March for Life

4. Tim Tebow

5. Kelowna Right to Life

The above list is just a small sample of the tremblings of a major earthquake coming.  Nothing is going to stop this.  It’s a pro-life revolution.  And the great thing is, the main stream media refuse to cover it, which makes the pro-abort demise even more imminent that it would otherwise be.

Abortion is not going to go out with a bang, but a sad little whimper.

So, keep your heads up, everyone.   The battle is beginning to turn our way.

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